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Bubbly Dream is the fifth stage in Stratospheric Pathway.



Strategy 1 (4 Crown Restrictions/Cheese)[]

Lineup: Brave Cutter, Ramen Cat 50+26, Cadaver BearCat 50, Courier Cat 50, Cat Egg Pod 50, Idi:N2 50, Awakened Bahamut Cat 50, Awakened Naala 50

Cannon: Breakerblast

Items: Rich Cat


Lure the Mini Angel Cyclone to your base, then send out Ramen Cat and Awakened Naala before she can do any damage. Send out a few more Ramen Cats, then start slowing down on the spam to save up money. Eventually, Li'l Zyclone will spawn, and you want to Zombie-Kill him as fast as possible. Send out Awakened Bahamut Cat before Li'l Zyclone pops back up (and Idi:N2 if possible). Then, you want to spam your Zombie Killers and Ramen Cat to Z-Kill Li'l Zyclone before the other enemies pop up.

You want to use the Breakerblast just before the enemy base reaches 50% HP, as that is when Mini White Cyclone spawns. With a bit of luck, you should be able to cheese the stage. Alternatively, Mesmocosmocyclone may warp Awakened Naala to safety, with the base weakened enough that Awakened Naala and a small group of other cats can wear down the base before the enemies shred through your defense. Regardless, once all 3 Legend Cats die, you will likely fail the cheese, and you must try again.


Video Player Notes

Bubbly Dream Special-Rare Only Cheese

FreefanofPI This is quite a lucky run, so it may not be particularly replicable.


  • Given the American theme of Stratospheric Pathway, Bubbly Dream's Japanese name, Baburī-kan Dorīmu (バブリー感ドリーム, "Bubbly-feeling Dream"), is likely a pun on Amerikan Dorīmu (アメリカンドリーム, American Dream).