Buoys & Gills is the third stage in Barking Bay. This stage is unusually empty, with only five enemies in total.


  • The battle starts off with one Capy.
  • After 13.3 seconds, another Capy will spawn.
  • After 33.3 seconds, yet another Capy will spawn.
  • The main threat, Othom, will finally show up after 50 seconds.
  • The fourth and last Capy will spawn after exactly 1 minute has passed.
  • The enemies listed above are the only ones in the entire level. Once they're dead, you've already won.


Strategy 1 (ft. Lufalan Pasalan)

Row 1: Cool Japan combo & Lufalan (45)

Row 2: Gato Amigo, Gold Cat/So-Ran Cat, Mohawk Cat, Crazed Macho/Manic Mohawk, Manic Eraser

  1. Stall the first Capy with two of the 75¢ cats until you can send out Luffy.
  2. After he's out, spam ALL of the second row until Luffy is finished with all of the Capies and Othom

Strategy 2 (Quintuple meat shield)

WARNING: this strategy takes a long time

Row 1: Any worker cat start level up combo, cat god the awesome (lvl 30), school bus nyandom (lvl 30), awakened ururun (lvl 30)

Row 2: Four 75 cost meat shields, eraser cat (lvl 20 +70)

The cappys can't really push on 5 meat shields. As long as your eraser does not get one shot by the othom it will be a high enough level. Upgrade your worker to level 3 so that you produce more money than you spend on the meat shields. Ururun and nyandam can outrange the othom and kill it. Use cat god to knock back everything because they will slowly push closer towards your dps. Eventually the cappys will die and you can claim your victory. Nothing else comes out after the first few enemies so that all you need to worry about.


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