CORE TIME is the third stage in Worker's Revolution.


A Mooth spawns at the beginning. After 15 seconds, Chief Peng, Dark Otter and CTO Seal will appear. Chief Peng will spawn throughout the battle and Zackie Peng spawns every 30 seconds. Another Dark Otter will spawn later in the battle.


Money is limited in this fight. A Mooth spawns at the beginning and can set you up with enough money for the rest of the fight if you can kill it. Butterfly cat or Archer cat can kill it fast enough to give you the edge before other enemies spawn.

When it comes to the boss fight you’ll need some strong ranged units. Thundia works especially well against the boss. Beware of Zackie Peng’s as they can skip your frontline and start attacking Thundia and other ranged attackers.


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