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Not to be confused with Cat Base Menu, Cat Cannon or Cat Base Mini.

The Cat Base is the player's base in The Battle Cats. The Cat Base appears during battle and is found on the right side of the screen.


  • Cat Units that are deployed during a battle will spawn from the Cat Base.
  • The Cat Base has a limited amount of health. By default, the Cat Base has 1,000 health.
    • If an enemy gets too close to the base, the enemy can harm the base and lower its' HP.
      • If the Cat Base's HP reaches 0, the player will lose the battle.
  • Sniper the Cat's damage scales on 5% of the base's HP.
  • The maximum amount of health the Cat Base can have is 78,000 HP.
    • With all treasures obtained and a Level 30 Cat Base Health upgrade it can have 120,000 HP.
    • With all treasures obtained, a Level 30 Cat Base Health upgrade and maxed Cat Cannon it can have 236,000 HP.
    • With all treasures obtained, a Level 30 Cat Base Health upgrade and maxed Cat Cannon, two Cat Base Defense Up (M) Cat Combos it can have a whopping 472,000 HP.
  • The Cat Base's health can be increased by leveling up Cat Base Health in the Upgrade Menu, obtaining certain Treasures, activating "Cat Base Defense Up" Cat Combos, or by upgrading the default Cat Base at Ototo Development Team.
  • The Cat Base has a Cat Cannon, which has varying effects depending on the Cannon Head.


Level Health Level Health Level Health
Level 1 1,000 Level 2 2,000 (+1,000) Level 3 3,000 (+1,000)
Level 4 4,000 (+1,000) Level 5 5,000 (+1,000) Level 6 7,000 (+2,000)
Level 7 9,000 (+2,000) Level 8 12,000 (+3,000) Level 9 15,000 (+3,000)
Level 10 18,000 (+3,000) Level 11 21,000 (+3,000) Level 12 24,000 (+3,000)
Level 13 27,000 (+3,000) Level 14 30,000 (+3,000) Level 15 33,000 (+3,000)
Level 16 36,000 (+3,000) Level 17 39,000 (+3,000) Level 18 42,000 (+3,000)
Level 19 45,000 (+3,000) Level 20 48,000 (+3,000) Level 21 51,000 (+3,000)
Level 22 54,000 (+3,000) Level 23 57,000 (+3,000) Level 24 60,000 (+3,000)
Level 25 63,000 (+3,000) Level 26 66,000 (+3,000) Level 27 69,000 (+3,000)
Level 28 72,000 (+3,000) Level 29 75,000 (+3,000) Level 30 78,000 (+3,000)

Existence Elsewhere[]

Princess Punt Sweets[]

The Cat Base appears as an enemy in Princess Punt Sweets that can be fought in にゃんこステージにゃ (Challenge the Gold Cat) and 美女と女神のネコアタック (The beauty, the goddess and the gold cat). Clearing those stages may reward the player with a 4★ accessory of it.

Cat Base Static
Cat Base Accessory Icon
Model Accessory icon

Nyanko Defence Force[]

In Nyanko Defence Force, the Cat Base's head made a cameo appearance above the Captain selection button in the main menu.

NDF Cat Base

Yuru-i GeGeGe no Kitarou: Youkai Dotabata Daisensou[]

The Cat Base appears as an enemy base in YuruGeGe's Battle Cats collab stages. Unlike the Corrupted Cat Base in The Battle Cats, it is a generic base that cannot attack.

YuruGeGe Cat Base



  • If you manage to force a tie (i.e., let both bases reach 0 HP in the same frame), the outcome depends on which type of base is on the enemy's side.
    • If the enemy base is not animated, it will count as a victory for the player.
    • If the enemy base is animated, it will count as a loss for the player, but continuing with Cat Food will result in an instant victory.
  • If you force close the app on the same frame that the Cat Base reaches 0 HP, you will still be given the option to retry the stage for free upon restart, so as long as it doesn't have the No Continues restriction.