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Not to be confused with Cat Base Menu.

The Cat Base is the player's base in The Battle Cats. The Cat Base appears during battle and is found on the right side of the screen.


  • Cat units that are deployed during a battle will spawn from the Cat Base.
  • The Cat Base has a limited amount of health. By default, the Cat Base has 1000 health.
    Mobile - The Battle Cats - Cat Base
  • If an enemy gets too close to the base, the enemy can harm and lower the base's HP.
  • If the Cat Base's HP reaches 0, the player will lose the battle.
  • The maximum amount of health the Cat Base can have is 240000.
  • The Cat Base's health can be increased by leveling up Cat Base Health in the Upgrade Menu, obtaining certain Treasures, activating "Cat Base Defense Up" Combos, or by upgrading the default Cat Base at Ototo Development Team.
  • The Cat Base has a Cat Cannon, which has varying effects depending on the Cannon Head.


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Level XP Level XP
Level 0-1 0 Level 10-11 1000
Level 1-2 1000 Level 11-12 2000
Level 2-3 2000 Level 12-13 4000
Level 3-4 4000 Level 13-14 8000
Level 4-5 8000 Level 14-15 16000
Level 5-6 12000 Level 15-16 24000
Level 6-7 16000 Level 16-17 32000
Level 7-8 20000 Level 17-18 40000
Level 8-9 24000 Level 18-19 48000
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