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When the player chooses the game mode they want to play (Empire of Cats, Into the Future, Stories of Legend or Catclaw Dojo), they will transition to the Cat Base Menu. Here the player can go to battles, organize Cat Units, view Treasure and Enemies.


Cat base chapter 3

Cat Base Menu from version 3.0.0

On the left screen

  • Top yellow button=Start!!: transition the player to the map in Main Chapters or all the event stages in Stories of Legend.
  • Middle yellow button=Upgrade: transition the player to the Upgrade Menu, where they can upgrade Cats and Abilities.
  • Bottom yellow button=Equip: transition the player to the Equip Menu, where player can choose cats to use in Battles.
  • Red Book with Cat Face=Cat Guide: transition the player to the Cat Dictionary Menu, where that can check possessed Units.
  • Blue Book with Cat Face=Enemy Guide: transition the player to the Dictionary Menu, where player can see Dictionary entry of all Enemies 
  • Orange Circle with a kanji 宝=Treasure: (Main Chapters only) transition the player to Treasure Menu, the player can see how many treasures have been collected here.
  • ユーザー ランク - User Rank: show the total number of all Cats and Abilities' level/
  • The scroll next to User Rank: request to upgrade Cat Units' level. The player will receive rewards as they complete these quests.

On the right screen

  • XP button: transition the player to Shop Item to buy XP packs with Cat Food.
  • "i" button=Event Information: the player needs internet connection to access this feature, it shows the current event of Battle Cats (month event, collaboration event, rare gacha event,...)
  • Cat Food button: The player needs an Internet connection to access this feature. It allows you to buy Cat food with real money.

In the center screen

  • Bottom button アイテムショップ: Shop Items - transition the player to Shop Items, where the player can buy Power-Ups and XP packs with Cat Food.
  • Green Cat's Face: Normal Cat Capsule/Gacha - transition the player to Normal Cat Capsule Screen
  • Yellow Cat's Face: Rare Cat Capsule/Gacha - transition the player to Rare Cat Capsule Screen
  • Refrigerator=Cat Storage: the player can see unused Ability Orbs and Cats received from the Cat Capsules.

Background Door

The player can do something with this screen door to unlock the Special Cat:Flower Cat .

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