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Cat Cannon


  • The Cat Cannon is part of the Cat Base.
  • The Cat Cannon shoots a beam, followed by explosions creating a Wave Attack that does low to medium damage and has a slight knockback effect.
  • It looks like a cat with a cannon for a mouth. It sits on top of the Cat Base.
  • This weapon can be very useful against Assassin Bear and other basic enemies at level 10.
  • A "Fire!!" button in the bottom right hand corner is used to activate the Cat Cannon's attack.
    • It has a charge time, which is divided into ten bars. Every few seconds, one bar fills up, the speed of which depends on the Cat Cannon Charge upgrade and Cat Cannon Attack upgrade, as well as various Treasures enhancing the Cat Cannon.
  • It's possible to change the cannon head, which changes its effect. For more information, see Ototo Development Team.
  • The max range of the Cat Cannon is 6000. The Cannon can reach the end of most stages as most stages have a width of 6000 or less. There are exceptions such as Dictator's Garden.
  • The Cat Cannon does about 2700 damage without any Treasures at level 20+10, and about 4375+ with all Treasures.


  • The Cat Cannon is usually used to clear out peons and chip away at boss enemies.
  • From level 10 and up, the Cat Cannon will be strong enough to kill Assassin Bears, making it the best way of dealing with them.
  • The default Cat Cannon can knock back enemies. This can help cheese certain levels with timing.
  • The default Cat Cannon's knockback effect can be used to interrupt enemies with a long attack animation, like Dark Emperor Nyandam.
  • The Thunderbolt Cat Cannon can stop enemy units for a very limited amount of time, which can help with fast-attacking bosses that are breaking through your meatshields.
  • Due to the power upgrade increasing recharge time, some people choose not to upgrade it as cat cannon damage becomes rather useless in late game. Some people choose to keep it at level 1 throughout the whole game while others use the cat capsule to get it to 1+10 (Unlocks ototo and you can get tickets)

Upgrading Cost

Cat Cannon Power:

Level XP Level XP
Level 0-1 0 Level 10-11 1000
Level 1-2 1000 Level 11-12 2000
Level 2-3 2000 Level 12-13 4000
Level 3-4 4000 Level 13-14 8000
Level 4-5 8000 Level 14-15 16000
Level 5-6 12000 Level 15-16 24000
Level 6-7 16000 Level 16-17 32000
Level 7-8 20000 Level 17-18 40000
Level 8-9 24000 Level 18-19 48000
Level 9-10 28000 Level 19-20 56000

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