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Cat Capsule (or Gacha (ガチャ) in the Japanese Version) is an area where the player can spend Cat Tickets, Rare Cat Tickets, Lucky Tickets and Cat Food to obtain Cat Units and Ability Capsules. The rewards earned are then either immediately used, immediately exchanged for XP/NP, saved in the Cat Storage to be used later, and some can even be exchanged to get a Rare Ticket!

Normal Cat Capsule[]

Normalgacha en

Normal Cat Capsule Banner

GatyaitemD 20 f

A Normal Cat Ticket

Each day, the player gets 1 Cat Ticket. As a login bonus these Tickets can be used at any time to roll the Cat Capsule (also known as the Normal Cat Capsule). After rolling the Normal Cat Capsule, the player will get an upgrade (either any of the Normal Cats or an Ability Capsule - a blue orb with a symbol depicting which Base Upgrade it will affect). Receiving a Cat Unit will allow the player to upgrade the collected Normal Cat's level by one. Unlike the normal unit level, the Tickets will add a level that can surpass 20. This leads to units such as Mohawk Cat and Eraser Cat having massive potential power. Receiving an Ability Capsule will allow the player to increase the base upgrade of the symbol on the orb by one. These upgrades are the only way for the Normal Cats to pass the level cap of 20, but the base upgrades cannot exceed the total level of 30 and the maximum level cap for Normal Cats is fixed by the player's User Rank.

Normal cat capsule

Cat Tickets can also be obtained through timed stages or by chance when completing a Cat Ticket Stage. Sometimes, Cat Tickets can be obtained as Stamp Rewards during special events.

The player can exchange both Ability Capsules and Cat Units for XP. Ability Capsules can be exchanged for 5,000 XP, while Normal Cats can be exchanged for 1 NP or different amounts of XP depending on the unit traded. (For example, a Cat can be exchanged for 10,000 XP, while a Titan Cat can be exchanged for 25,000 XP.) In both instances, it is considered far better to use the Cat Unit and the Ability Capsules to power up the player. 25k XP is pitiful in the long run, while the player could greatly improve the power of some useful units.

If any base ability has already reached maximum, a total level of (20+10)=30, the player can then exchange each excess Ability Capsule for a count of one towards the total number of five Ability Capsules required to obtain one Rare Cat Ticket.

Occasionally there are also Item Capsule Events which allow an alternative set of rewards for basic cat capsule. Item Capsules contain various items & XP tokens, which replace cat unit and cat base tokens. For info on all of the different types of Item Capsules, see here.

Cat Capsules+[]

An addition added in the Version 11.0 Update and released in the Version 11.1 Update. The upgrade to the regular Cat Capsule can be obtained after beating Even Stars Burn Out of Cats of the Cosmos. The Normal Cat Capsule will be upgraded to a Cat Capsule+ which makes all the cat units obtained from it sell for 2 NP rather than 1 and adds a new basic cat (Superfeline) to the pool as well as increasing the 64 storage limit to 128, similar to the Catfruit storage prior to the Version 11.4 update.

Rare Cat Capsule[]

Regular Gacha[]

Raregacha en

Rare Cat Capsule Banner

GatyaitemD 21 f

A Rare Cat Ticket

Rare cat capsule

From time to time, the player can get a Rare Cat Ticket (or Gold Ticket in the Japanese version), by purchasing it with Cat Food, clearing certain stages, trading 5 Ability Capsules or as Stamp Rewards. These tickets can be used at any time to roll the Rare Cat Capsule. After rolling the Rare Cat Capsule, the player will get a Gacha Cat (Rare, Super Rare, Uber Rare or Legend Rare Cats). Each new unit will reward 5 Cat Food as when checked in the Cat Guide. Most, if not all, Gacha units are included in Cat Combos,

If the player gets a Gacha Cat they already have, they can use it as an upgrade for the same cat. This is the only way to pass the maximum level cap (using only XP) of Level 30 (alongside using Catseyes up to level 50). With few exceptions, these duplicates should always be used, and not traded; the additional levels will be immensely helpful in the long run. As with Normal Cats, it's best to wait until the unit is maxed out before exchanging one for NP (and you should basically never trade any unit for XP, as it's far, far easier to get than NP).

Most of the time, the rarity of the Cat fixes their interval of cost (Uber Rare Cats' cost is usually over 3000¢, for example) and their power (you expect an Uber Rare Cat to be stronger than a Rare Cat). Thus, Uber Rare Cats and Legend Rare Cats are more desirable, but are usually not a direct replacement for more common units.

It is important to understand that the Rare Cat Capsule roll-result sequence is predetermined by an account-specific seed, this seed then determines the roll-result sequence, which can be gamed to some extent by waiting for various Gacha events to appear before rolling. That helps in obtaining a desired Uber Rare Cat in a shorter time (fewer rolls) by filling the next preset Uber Super Rare roll-result slot with one from the available pool of Gacha Event Uber Rare Cats. The roll-result sequence (or ladder) itself is however preset and cannot be manipulated.

Gacha events advertising a boosted drop rate i.e. 'increased chance' of obtaining Uber Super Rare Cats will displace what would otherwise be a non-Uber Super Rare Cat roll-result at a preset positions in the ladder with an Uber Super Rare Cat from the event. This doesn't affect the subsequent roll-result sequence, until the next displacement and so on.

The only other way to alter the already preset roll-result sequence, and therefore 'chance' to obtain an Uber Rare Cat is to make extensive use of a Guaranteed Uber Rare Cat Campaign within the desired Gacha event. Patience is a virtue.

Note: Saving Rare Cat Tickets does NOT provide an option for 11-capsule draws.

The Uber Rare Cats and Legend Rare Cats that one can get are fixed on a schedule. Usually, the pool of Uber/Legend Rare Cats changes every two days. Before playing the Rare Cat Capsule, the player can see the actual pool. From time to time, additional Super Rare Cats are added.

Collaboration Cats[]

During some Collaboration Events, the player is given the option to roll another pool, filled with new Cats inspired by the collaboration. This pool may have only Collaboration Cats or possibly a combination of Collaboration Cats and regular Gacha cats. The Collaboration Gacha was introduced during the Monster Hunter Collaboration Event in the Japanese Version, and the Survive! Mola Mola! Collaboration Events in the English Version.

Limited Gacha[]

This Gacha follows the same rules as a Collaboration Gacha. These pools tend to contain regular Uber Rare Cats with a new appearance, a new ability and sometimes new stats. Examples are the Holiday events, such as Gals of Summer and Halloween Capsules, and Girls & Monsters, which includes characters from GirlsMons and Kyoutou Project.

Cost of the Rare Cat Capsule[]

Note: You can only purchase instant draws. Thus, you cannot purchase a discounted 11-capsule draw then save it for another pool... If you already have Rare Cat Tickets, you have to use them before purchasing single draws.

1 Draw
  • Normal: 150 Cat Food
  • First Time Offer: 30 Cat Food
  • Discounted Offer: 120 Cat Food
11 Draws
  • Normal: 1500 Cat Food
  • First Time Offer: 750 Cat Food
  • Discounted Offer: 1200 Cat Food

During every Gacha event except UBERFEST, EPICFEST, and SUPERFEST, a Guaranteed Uber Rare Cat Campaign may be held, in which a Uber Rare Cat is guaranteed when doing an 11-capsule draw. The guaranteed Uber will always replace the 11th unit.

During the Red Busters, Air Busters, Metal Busters, Wave Busters and Colossus Busters events, a Step Up option with three steps appears.

  • Step 1: 300 Cat Food for 3 draws.
  • Step 2: 750 Cat Food for 5 draws, plus a 1 million XP bonuses.
  • Step 3: 1050 Cat Food for 7 draws, plus a 1 million XP bonuses. In addition, the 7th unit is guaranteed to be an Uber Rare Cat.

After purchasing a Step 3 spin, or after 30 minutes have passed after purchasing a Step 1 spin, the current Step will revert to 1.

Platinum Capsule[]

The Platinum Capsule is an uncommon type of Cat Capsule that will appear whenever you have a Platinum ticket or shard. It requires Platinum Tickets to spin, which can be obtained with real money or as special rewards. This capsule will always drop Uber Rare Cats. Only one may be purchased per appearance, though there is no limit to how many a player can hold.

Collaboration Event Capsule[]

Aside from the regular and rare Cat Capsule, there are limited collaboration capsules that arrive during certain collaborations, most notably Monster Hunter, Nebaaru-kun and Nyanpazuru and the most recent, Bikkuriman.

These limited collaboration gachas have a chance to drop items from the regular Lucky Capsule as well as units from said collaborations.

Lucky Capsules[]

Lucky ticket event

Lucky Capsules Event Banner.

GatyaitemD 26 f

A Lucky Ticket.

Lucky ticket cat capsule

Throughout the Lucky Capsule Limited Event players have a chance to obtain one or more Lucky Tickets each time they complete one of the Limited Event's Special Stages.

In addition, using a Rare Cat Ticket or spending Cat Food on an 11 draw during the Limited Event will also award a free Lucky Ticket for each roll. These Lucky Tickets can then be used at any time during the Limited Event to roll the Lucky Capsule. When the Limited Event ends, any unused Lucky Tickets are lost forever and will not be restored when the next Lucky Capsule Limited Event is active.

After rolling the Lucky Capsule, the player will receive one item from the selection shown below which includes Battle Items, XP and Special Cats, tiny versions of the Normal Cats called Li'l Cats.

Lucky Ticket Events[]

Lucky Capsule Rewards[]

Lucky ticket - Li'l Cat Gacha Rewards

Lucky Capsule G[]

Lucky capsules G event

Lucky Capsules G Event Banner.


A Lucky Ticket G.

Lucky ticket G Cat Capsule

The Lucky Capsules G event was first introduced in the 7.1 Update.

The Lucky Capsule G event is linked to a Monthly Event as a Limited Event which always appears on the 16th through to the end of the main Monthly Event.

When a Lucky Capsules G Limited Event is active, the player can use any Lucky Tickets G to roll the capsule and obtain one item from the selection or Catamins and XP tokens shown below .

Lucky Ticket G Events[]

Lucky Capsule G Rewards[]

Lucky Capsule G Gacha Rewards

Exchange for XP/NP[]

Mobile version Nintendo 3DS version Nintendo Switch version
Orbs Varies N/A 5,000 XP
Normal Cats Varies/1 NP (2 NP with Cat Capsules +) N/A Varies
Special Cats Varies/1 NP N/A N/A
Rare Cats 112,500 XP/5 NP 15,000 XP 112,500 XP
Super Rare Cats 475,000 XP/15 NP

(999,999 XP for Gold Cat) (777,777 XP for Metal Cat)

95,000 XP 478,000 XP
Uber Rare Cats 1,000,000 XP/50 NP 480,000 XP 1,000,000 XP
Legend Rare Cats 3,000,000 XP/150 NP N/A N/A


  • If you have more than 99 Tickets saved up in any capsule, the ticket number displayed above the capsule says 99+. However, it still counts the other tickets and displays your actual number when you're in the capsule draw menu. Likewise, you may have more than 999 tickets, but they aren't displayed correctly due to the digit limit.
  • To unlock the Cat Capsule option, you must first clear the Japan stage in Empire of Cats Chapter 1.
  • To unlock the Exchange for NP option, you must first clear Into the Future Chapter 3.

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