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Cat Combo (にゃんコンボ図鑑, Nyankonbo Zukan, Nyan Combo Encyclopedia) is a feature added in the Version 4.2 Update of Nyanko Daisensou and the Version 3.0 Update of The Battle Cats, available after completing Chapter 1 of Empire of Cats. When using a combination of certain Cats within the first 5 entries (top row) of a slot, additional effects will appear in battle. The Cats do not need to be in a fixed order, and having multiple combos on the same slot is possible. All discovered combos can be seen in the Cat Combo List, from Equip Screen. Currently, there are 223 combos in the game.

There are also combos that were originally added during the Version 4.7 Update that were eventually removed or changed in future updates for unknown reasons. For the removed Combo list, see Cat Combo (Version 4.7).

Combos can still be activated if any units part of the combo are in more advanced forms. For example, the combo "Moby Dick" is activated by Fisherman Cat, Whale Cat and Crazed Whale. The combo will also successfully be activated by using Doctor Cat, Island Cat and Manic Island Cat.

List of all Combos (BCJP 13.1)[]

Original Set[]

Below are all the combos unlocked by default.

Combo Name Cats Combo Effect
Cat Army (にゃんこ軍団, Nyanko Gundan, Cat Army) CatTank CatAxe CatGross CatCow Cat Worker Cat Start Level Up (Sm)
Behind Closed Doors (アフター5, Afutā 5, After 5) Dom CatBondage Cat Cat Cannon Power Up (Sm)
Cap'n Ahab (ホゲー, Hogē) Fisherman CatWhale Cat Cat Base Defense Up (Sm)
Deathrock (デスロック, Desu Rokku, Death Rock) Zombie CatRocker Cat Cannon Start Level Up (Sm)
Cool Japan (アイラブジャパン, Ai Rabu Japan, I Love Japan) Ninja CatSumo CatSamurai CatSushi Cat Unit Attack Up (M)
Sunbathers (日光浴, Nikkōyoku, Sunbathing) Island CatCastaway Cat Worker Cat Start Level Up (Sm)
Sound of Wings (パタパタ, Pata Pata, Flap Flap) Cupid CatBird Cat Cat Cannon Recharge Up (Sm)
Choppers (斧の達人, Ono no Tatsujin, Ax Masters) ExecutionerAxe CatWargod Keiji Unit Attack Up (Sm)
Apples and Oranges (みかんとリンゴ, Mikan to Ringo, Mandarin Oranges and Apples) Cat GangApple Cat Cat Base Defense Up (Sm)
Take a Bow (O・ZI・GI) Tank CatKubilan Pasalan "Knockback" Effect Up (Sm)
Sister Act (アイドル志望, Aidoru Shibō, Idol Aspiring) MonekoNeneko Unit Attack Up (Sm)
Hecks Angels (バイクツーリング, Baiku Tsūringu, Bike Touring) Biker CatUesugi Kenshin Unit Speed Up (Sm)
Lingerie Special (ブラパンツ, Bura Pantsu, Bra Panties) Brah CatsPanties Cat Worker Cat Start Level Up (Sm)
In Bloom (オハナガサイタ, Ohanagasaita, Flower Blooms) Wargod KeijiFlower Cat "Freeze" Effect Up (Sm)
Childhood Friends (子ネコの友情, Ko Neko no Yūjō, Kitten Friendship) Baby GaoLi'l Cat Cat Cannon Recharge Up (Sm)
Rawhide (カウボーイ, Kaubōi, Cowboy) Cow CatCat Eastwood Unit Speed Up (Sm)
Puppeteers Guild (人形師協会会員, Ningyōshi Kyōkai Kaiin, Puppeteer Guild Member) Warlock and PierrePuppetmaster Cat Cannon Start Level Up (M)
Pyon Pyon for Two (2人でぴょんぴょん, Futari de Pyon Pyon, Boing Boing for 2 People) Pogo CatRope Jump Cat Worker Cat Max Up (Sm)
Helping Hand (救いの手, Sukui no Te, Helping Hand) Bodhisattva CatMother Cat "Slow" Effect Up (Sm)
Fall in Love (フォーリンラヴ, Fōrinravu, Fall In Love) Cupid CatMadam Bride "Massive Damage" Effect Up (Sm)
Frog Prince (カエルの王子様, Kaeru no Ōji-Sama, Frog Prince) Princess Juliet CatNinja Frog Cat "Strong" Effect Up (Sm)
Treasured Grandchild (孫という名の宝物, Mago toiu Na no Takaramono, Treasured Grandchild) Baby CatKung Fu Cat X Cat Cannon Start Level Up (M)
No Stage Fright (舞台の上では平気なの, Butai no Ue de wa Heikinano, I'm Fine on the Stage) Actress CatParis Cat "Resistant" Effect Up (Sm)
Biohazard (バイオハザード, Baio Hazādo, Biohazard) Zombie CatMr. Research Power Up (Sm)
Midsummer Sun (真夏の太陽, Manatsu no Taiyō, Midsummer Sun) Cooldown CatSolar Cat "Massive Damage" Effect Up (Sm)
Reindeer's Gift (トナカイのプレゼント, Tonakai no Purezento, Reindeer's Present) Reindeer Fish CatA Gift of Cats Starting Money Up (Sm)
Silver Screen (銀幕のスター, Ginmaku no Sutā, Silver Screen Star) Cat ProjectorActress Cat Accounting Power Up (Sm)
Long-Legged (アシナガおじさん, Ashinaga Ojisan, Long-Legged Guy) Gross CatAsilan Pasalan "Slow" Effect Up (M)
Life of the Party (宴会部長, Enkai Buchō, Banquet Manager) Groucho CatDancing Flasher Cat Cat Base Defense Up (Sm)
Good Jobs! (グッジョブ, Gujjobu, Good Job) Prof Study Power Up (Sm)
Thirteen (サーティーン, Sātīn, Thirteen) Sniper the Heavy "Knockback" Effect Up (Sm)
Itchy Riches (ネーーーコボンボン, Nēēko Bon Bon, Caaaat Goodie-Goodie) Rich Cat Sr. Worker Cat Start Level Up (Sm)
Toying Around (おもちゃのチャチャチャ, Omocha no Cha Cha Cha, Toy's Cha Cha Cha) Tin CatFlower CatCat-o-tron Accounting Power Up (Sm)
Rich and Poor (庶民と金持ち, Shomin to Kanemochi, Commoners and the Rich) CatGold Cat Starting Money Up (Sm)
Koi And Dragon (コイの滝登り, Koi no Taki Nobori, Carp Climbing a Waterfall) Koi CatKamukura Cat Cannon Recharge Up (M)
Playing Slayer (龍退治ごっこ, Ryū Taiji Gokko, Play Dragon Slaying) Brave CatDioramos "Strong" Effect Up (Sm)
Sweep the Area (一斉掃射, Issei Sōsha, Strafing) Mr.Raiden Cat Cannon Recharge Up (Sm)
Steel Saviors (鋼の救世主, Hagane no Kyūseishu, Steel Saviors) Cat-o-tronCat Machine "Resistant" Effect Up (Sm)
Galactic Travel (銀河を駆ける, Ginga o Kakeru, Galactic Travel) Space CatSuper Galaxy Cosmo Unit Speed Up (Sm)
Cursed Strength (呪われた力, Norowareta Chikara, Cursed Strength) Grudge CatMarauder Cat Cat Cannon Recharge Up (M)
Secret Agency (スパイ活動, Supai Katsudō, Spy Activities) Ninja CatUrashima Taro Worker Cat Max Up (Sm)
Living in Love (愛に生きる者, Ai ni Ikiru Mono, Those Living in Love) Maiden CatRadiant Aphrodite Cat Cannon Power Up (Sm)
Classic Headwear (オシャレ笠, Oshare Kasa, Fashionable Hat) Awa-Odori CatKasa Jizo Cannon Start Level Up (M)
Hot, Fresh 'n' Fast (飲食業, Inshokugyō, Restaurant Service) Food Stall CatPai-Pai Accounting Power Up (M)
Green Thumb (ガーデニング, Gādeningu, Gardening) Gardener CatFlower Cat Starting Money Up (Sm)
Purple Heart (名誉の負傷, Meiyo no Fushō, Honor Injury) Mighty Kat-A-PultSick Cat "Weaken" Effect Up (Sm)
Marine Tours (魚群発見!!, Gyogun Hakken !!, School of Fish Found!!) B.C.SFish CatLi'l Fish Cat "Massive Damage" Effect Up (Sm)
Pedal Powered (ペダリング, Pedaringu, Pedaling) Mighty BomburrTricycle Cat "Knockback" Effect Up (Sm)
Roasted Marshmallow (焼きマシュマロ, Yaki Mashumaro, Roasted Marshmallow) BoraMarshmallow Cat Accounting Power Up (Sm)
Meowin' in the Rain (土砂降りに唄えば, Doshaburi ni Utaeba, If You Sing in the Downpour) MizliSlug Jockey Cat "Slow" Effect Up (Sm)
Independence Day (インディペンデンスな日, Indipendensu na Hi, Independence Day) Orbital Platform ArmageddonUFO CatLi'l UFO Cat Unit Attack Up (Sm)
Dragons Old and Young (古龍と子竜, Koryū to Koryū, Old Dragons and Young Dragons) GanglionLi'l Dragon Cat "Strong" Effect Up (Sm)
Power in Numbers (数の暴力, Kazu no Bōryoku, Violence in Numbers) Cat Clan HeroesSports Day Cat "Weaken" Effect Up (Sm)
Two As One (完全一心同体, Kanzen Isshin Dōtai, Completely One-Hearted) TwinstarsBean Cats Cat Cannon Recharge Up (M)
Boiled Egg (温泉卵, Onsen Tamago, Hot Spring Egg) Mighty Thermae D-LuxEggy Cat "Freeze" Effect Up (Sm)
Cheating Heart? (浮気調査, Uwaki Chōsa, Cheating Investigation) Madame SumoDetective Vigler Research Power Up (M)
Imperial Court (まろはネコでおじゃる, Maro wa Neko de Ojaru, I Am a Cat) Imagawa YoshimotoDoll Cats "Strong" Effect Up (Sm)
Soft and Flexible (伸縮性と弾力性, Shinshukusei to Danryokusei, Flexibility and Elasticity) NobilugaCreepmallow Cat Base Defense Up (M)
Growth Spurt (食べ盛り育ち盛り, Tabezakari Sodachizakari, Eating and Growing) Graveflower VerbenaSumo Cat Worker Cat Max Up (M)
Post-Apocalypse (終末世界, Shūmatsu Sekai, Doomsday World) Rock RevengersBiker CatCat Gang Unit Attack Up (Sm)
Kimono Champs (振袖選手権, Furisode Senshuken, Furisode Championship) Trickster HimeyuriVengeful CatAwa-Odori Cat Research Power Up (L)
Wheels of Fate (運命の車輪(ロンド), Unmei no Sharin(Rondo), Wheels of Fate (Rondo)) Empress ChronosTricycle CatCat Gang Cat Cannon Recharge Up (M)
Fresh Catch (とれたてピッチピチ, Toretate Picchi Pichi, Fresh Catch Pitchi-Pitch) Sea Maiden RuriFish CatLi'l Fish CatSashimi Cat "Resistant" Effect Up (L)
Black & White (ブラック&ホワイト, Burakku & Howaito, Black & White) CatKiller Cat Worker Cat Max Up (Sm)
Miracle Performance (ミラクルライブ!, Mirakuru Raibu!, Miracle Live!) MonekoCrazed Moneko "Critical" Rate Up (M)
Royal Submariner (海底財宝発掘命令, Kaitei Zaihō Hakkutsu Meirei, Undersea Treasure Excavation Order) Wrathful PoseidonMadam King Worker Cat Start Level Up (Sm)
Co-op Mode (相棒, Aibō, Partner) MyrciaReindeer Fish CatKoi Cat Unit Attack Up (Sm)
Shields of all Sizes (ほこ×たて, Hoko×Tate, Spear×Shield) Relentless GladiosLi'l Tank Cat Accounting Power Up (Sm)
Offshore Accounts (ボンボンネコボンネコボンボン, Bon Bon Neko Bon Neko Bon Bon, Goodie Goodie Cat Goodie Cat Goodie Goodie) Richest Cat Starting Money Up (M)
Ninjutsu Cute (忍法お色気の術, Ninpō Oiroke no Jutsu, Art of Sex Appeal of the Ninja) Sacred Blade Sakura Critical Rate Up (Sm)
Breakfast in Undies (モーニングパンツ, Mōningu Pantsu, Morning Panties) Cat ToasterPanties Cat Slow Effect Up (Sm)
Witch Trial (魔女裁判, Majo Saiban, Witch Trial) Bondage CatWitch Cat Slow Effect Up (Sm)
Street Bazaar (さおだけ屋台, Sao Dake Yatai, Street Stand) Stilts CatFood Stall Cat Knockback Effect Up (Sm)
Dragon Driller (ドリラゴン, Doriragon, Drillagon) Li'l Dragon CatPower Driller Cat Weaken Effect Up (Sm)
Mythic Driver (ウチコンボッチ, Uchikonbocchi, Mythical Piledriver) Li'l Mythical TitanPower Piledriver Cat Knockback Effect Up (Sm)
Brave Cutter (ユウチョキン, Yūchokin, Brave Cut) Li'l Brave CatPower Cutter Cat Unit Attack Up (Sm)
Whale Digger (クジラベリン, Kujiraberin, Whale Backhoe) Li'l Whale CatPower Backhoe Cat Critical Chance Up (Sm)
Sexy Sawer (ビキャッソ, Bikyasso, Vikasso) Li'l Sexy Legs CatPower Saw Cat Resistant Effect Up (Sm)
Mini-Saurus (ミニザウルス, Mini-Zaurusu, Mini-Saurus) Li'l Macho CatJurassic Cat Sitter Research Power Up (Sm)
Micro Fighters (リトル軍隊, Ritoru Guntai, Little Army) Li'l Brave CatThor Cat Strong Effect Up (Sm)
Little Warriors (ミクロファイター, Mikuro Faitā, Micro Fighter) Li'l Wall CatCommando Cat Unit Defense Up (Sm)
Minicyclone (ミニサロン, Mini Saron, Mini Salon) Li'l Sexy Legs CatSolar Cat Knockback Effect Up (Sm)
Big Game Hunter (希少種ハンター, Kishōshu Hantā, Rare Species Hunter) Li'l Giraffe CatPhantom Thief Cat Unit Speed Up (Sm)
Mystery Club (ミステリーサークル部, Misuterī Sākuru Bu, Mystery Circle Club) Li'l UFO CatLumbercat Freeze Effect Up (Sm)
Dance a Little, Eat a Little (プチ踊り食い, Puchi Odorigui, Petit Dance Eating) Li'l Whale CatFlamenco Cat Slow Effect Up (Sm)
Tiny Ancient Hunt (原始のちび戦士, Genshi no Chibi Senshi, Primitive Chibi Warrior) Li'l Dragon CatMasai Cat Unit Attack Up (Sm)
Étoile minimum (ミニマムエトワール, Minimamu Etowāru, Minimum Etoile) Li'l Mythical TitanParis Cat Unit Defense Up (Sm)
Sacrifice (生贄, Ikenie, Sacrifice) Summoner SatoruBondage Cat Unit Defense Up (Sm)
One-Way Ticket to Hell (地獄行き片道切符, Jigoku Iki Katamichi Kippu, One Way Ticket to Hell) Hades the DeathdealerExecutioner Strong Effect Up (Sm)
Cat Transport ((株)にゃんこ運輸, (Kabu) Nyanko Un'yu, (Stock) Cat Transport) Mighty Aethur Ltd.Courier Cat Worker Cat Start Level Up (M)
Forbidden Compound (禁断の調合, Kindan no Chōgō, Forbidden Formulation) Divine Lilin π Cat Cannon Recharge Up (Sm)
Catcademy Anthem (にゃんこ学園校歌斉唱, Nyanko Gakuen Kouka Seishou, Catcademy Chorus) Secret Crush CatTomboy Lion CatChalkboard Eraser CatClass Rep CatPrincipal Cat Research Power UP (L)

Additional Set 1[]

Below are all the combos unlocked after completing Into the Future - Chapter 1

Combo Name Cats Combo Effect
Attack of the Li'ls (進撃のちびネコ, Shingeki no Chibi Neko, Attack of the Li'l Cats) Li'l CatLi'l Tank CatLi'l Axe CatLi'l Gross CatLi'l Cow Cat Unit Speed Up (M)
X-Files (サイエンスフィクション, Saiensu Fikushon, Science Fiction) Neo PsychocatUFO Cat Cat Cannon Power Up (Sm)
Legs for Days (ビューティフルレッグス, Byūtifuru Reggusu, Beautiful Legs) Sexy Legs CatCrazed Sexy Legs Cat "Knockback" Effect Up (Sm)
Art History (美術教室, Bijutsu Kyōshitsu, Fine Arts Classroom) Artist CatMichelangelo Cat "Resistant" Effect Up (Sm)
Moby Dick (ホゲーー, Hogēe) Fisherman CatWhale CatCrazed Whale Cat Unit Defense Up (Sm)
Back to School (お魚天国, Osakana Tengoku, Fish Heaven) Fish CatCrazed Fish CatReindeer Fish Cat Worker Cat Max Up (Sm)
Eye of the Storm (暴風一家, Bōfū Ikka, Storm Family) Bronze CatRope Jump CatSpace CatClockwork CatHoop Cat Unit Defense Up (M)
Mo' Hawks (モヒカン愛好家, Mohikan Aikōka, Mohawk Mania) Mohawk CatCrazed Dragon Cat "Knockback" Effect Up (Sm)
Saucers (未確認飛行物体, Mikakunin Hikō Buttai, Unidentified Flying Object) UFO CatCrazed UFO Cat "Massive Damage" Effect Up (Sm)
Mecha (ロボトモ, Robotomo, Robo-Friends) Major Space CatCat-o-tron "Slow" Effect Up (Sm)
Macho Man (マッチョマン, Macchoman, Macho Man) Macho Leg CatBeefcake Cat "Strengthen" Effect Up (Sm)
Bouncing Four (4人でぴょんぴょん, 4 Nin de Pyon Pyon, Boing Boing with 4) Brah CatsPair Rope Jump Cat Starting Money Up (M)
Pulling Strings (操り職人, Ayatsuri Shokunin, Manipulator Craftsman) Necromancer CatPuppetmaster Cat Starting Money Up (Sm)
King and Queen (キング & クイーン, Kingu & Kuīn, King & Queen) King Dragon CatIce Queen Cat Worker Cat Start Level Up (Sm)
Enter The Ninja (ザ・ニンジャ, Za・Ninja, The Ninja) Ninja CatHayabusa Unit Speed Up (M)
Troubled Youth (中二病, Chūnibyō, Second Disease) Ururun WolfAkira "Strengthen" Effect Up (Sm)
Duet (デュエット, Duetto, Duet) MonekoRocker Cat Worker Cat Start Level Up (Sm)
Firewatch (火の用心, Hi no Yōjin, Caution with Fire) Lizard CatCrazed Lizard CatFire Squad Kachiyama "Weaken" Effect Up (Sm)
Pork on Rice (豚丼, Butadon, Pork Bowl) KaiRiceball Cat Unit Defense Up (Sm)
Smiles at Cats (ネコの前で見せる笑顔, Neko no Mae de Miseru Egao, Smiles in Front of Cats) CatCoppermine, type κ "Freeze" Effect Up (Sm)
Lion King (獅子王, Shishi Ō, Lion King) Lion CatMadam King "Strong" Effect Up (Sm)
Peach 'n Banana (モモとバナナ, Momo to Banana, Peach and Banana) MomotaroCats in a Box Unit Speed Up (Sm)
Honnoji's Curse (本能寺の怨念, Honnōji no Onnen, Honnoji's Grudge) Vengeful CatOda Nobunaga "Freeze" Effect Up (Sm)
Cool in the Heat (暑い日も涼しく, Atsui Hi mo Suzushiku, Cool Even on Hot Days) Ice CatCooldown Cat "Freeze" Effect Up (Sm)
Apollo Mission (アポロ, Aporo, Apollo) Space CatThe Death Moon Cat Cannon Recharge Up (Sm)
Bony Bone (ほねほねボーン, Hone Hone Bōn, Bony Bony Bone) Necromancer CatSkelecat Research Power Up (Sm)
Chivalry and Candy (騎士道と菓子道, Kishidō to Kashidō, Chivalry and Candy) VarsPastry Cat "Slow" Effect Up (M)
Ratings Competition (昼ドラで競演, Hiru Dora de Kyōen, Competing in a Soap Opera) CatmanActress Cat Accounting Power Up (Sm)
Cats 'n Tanks (ネコ&タンクネコ, Neko & Tanku Neko, Cat & Tank Cat) Sports Day CatDoll CatsGentleman Bros. Cat Cannon Recharge Up (Sm)
Headband (はちまき, Hachimaki, Headband) Sports Day CatGrudge CatMomotaro Cat Cannon Power Up (Sm)
Watch Me Whip (ムチ使い, Muchizukai, Whipper) Dom CatOffice Lady Cat Cannon Start Level Up (Sm)
Masquerade (仮面舞踏会, Kamen Butōkai, Masquerade) Ururun WolfExecutionerEvil Cat "Knockback" Effect Up (M)
As Above, So Below (天地の怒り, Tenchi no Ikari, Wrath of Heaven and Earth) The Flying CatSodom "Weaken" Effect Up (Sm)
Struck by Lightning (雷に打たれて, Kaminari ni Utarete, Struck by Lightning) ThundiaSkelecat "Massive Damage" Effect Up (Sm)
Neckless Chic (首なしスタイル, Kubi Nashi Sutairu, Neckless Style) Jamiera CatBalalan Pasalan "Knockback" Effect Up (Sm)
Blue Lagoon (南国諸島, Nangoku Shotō, Tropical Islands) Guardian GamereonIsland Cat Accounting Power Up (Sm)
Jungle Women (犬猿の仲, Ken'en no Naka, Enmity) Ururun WolfKuu "Strong" Effect Up (Sm)
Dreams of Flying (空への憧れ, Sora e no Akogare, Longing for the Sky) The Grateful CraneFlying Ninja Cat "Knockback" Effect Up (Sm)
Offering to the Gods (神へのお供え, Kami e no Osonae, Offering for God) Shining AmaterasuSashimi Cat Cat Base Defense Up (M)
Arm Day Everyday (腕自慢, Ude Jiman, Bragging Arms) Titan CatKung Fu CatBeefcake CatTesalan Pasalan Unit Defense Up (M)
Nationals (全国大会出場, Zenkoku Taikai Shutsujō, Participation in Nationals) Banner CatVaulter Cat "Slow" Effect Up (Sm)
Trainspotting (撮り鉄, Tori Tetsu, Snap Shooting Trains) Express CatCameraman Cat Cannon Start Level Up (Sm)
Chance of Tornado (爆風ときどき竜巻, Bakufū Tokidoki Tatsumaki, Strong Winds With Chance of Tornado) AerCatornado "Resistant" Effect Up (Sm)
Scantily Clad (薄着コーデ, Usugi Kōde, Skimpy Code) Pharoah ReikaSkirt CatPanties Cat "Massive Damage" Effect Up (M)
Cosplay Fans (コスプレファン, Kosupure Fan, Cosplay Fan) Wolf Princess DealeRitual Cat "Strengthen" Effect Up (M)
Working Vacation (ワーケーション, Wākēshon, Workation) Bath CatHeavy Assault C.A.T. Massive Damage Effect Up (Sm)
Going Stones (ゴーイングストーンズ, Gōingusutōnzu, Going Stones) Curling CatGravi Unit Defense Up (Sm)
Dream Box (夢の箱, Yume no Hako, Box of Dreams) Adventurer KannaHeavy Assault C.A.T. Massive Damage Effect Up (Sm)

Additional Set 2[]

Below are all the combos unlocked after completing Into the Future - Chapter 2

Combo Name Cats Combo Effect
Crazy Hearts (進撃の狂乱ネコ, Shingeki no Kyōran Neko, Attack of the Crazed Cats) Crazed CatCrazed Tank CatCrazed Axe CatCrazed Gross CatCrazed Cow Cat Starting Money Up (L)
Power of Darkness (暗黒の力, Ankoku no Chikara, Power of Darkness) Dark CatDark Lazer "Weaken" Effect Up (M)
Gross!!! (キモモモ, Kimomomo, Grossssss) Gross CatCrazed Gross CatCreepmallow "Freeze" Effect Up (M)
Nyanko, Inc. (株式会社にゃんこ, Kabushikigaisha Nyanko, Nyanko Limited) Salaryman CatOffice Lady Cat Worker Cat Start Level Up (Sm)
Seasons of Love (恋の季節, Koi no Kisetsu, Season of Love) Maiden CatKoi CatMadam Bride "Strong" Effect Up (M)
Flash in the Pan (露出狂, Roshutsukyō, Flasher) Dancing Flasher CatGentleman Cat "Knockback" Effect Up (Sm)
Blossoming (花見, Hana Mi, Viewing Blossoms) Wargod KeijiAdult Cat "Resistant" Effect Up (Sm)
Bento Special (和定食, Kazu Teishoku, Japanese Set Meal) Sashimi CatSushi Cat Starting Money Up (M)
Speak of the Devil (鬼と呼ばれて, Oni to Yobarete, Calling an Oni) Lesser Demon CatEvil Cat Accounting Power Up (M)
Classical Arts (伝統芸能, Dentō Geinō, Traditional Culture) Puppetmaster CatDrama Cats "Slow" Effect Up (Sm)
Sportswoman (スポーツ女子, Supōtsu Joshi, Sportswomen) Sportsgirl CatButterfly Cat Unit Defense Up (Sm)
Gentlemen (ジェントルマン, Jentoruman, Gentleman) Gentleman CatPhantom Thief Cat Worker Cat Max Up (Sm)
Spinners (風車, Kazaguruma, Windmill) Tricycle CatKoi Cat Unit Speed Up (Sm)
Longnecks (ロングネック, Rongu Nekku, Long Neck) Giraffe CatKubilan Pasalan Worker Cat Start Level Up (M)
Feel the Dance (ダンサーズ, Dansāzu, Dancers) Samba CatHip Hop CatDancer Cat Unit Defense Up (Sm)
Special Treatment (お薬出しておきますね, O Kusuri Dashiteokimasune, I'll Give You Medicine) Nurse CatSick Cat "Knockback" Effect Up (M)
Horror Movies (ホラー映画, Horā Eiga, Horror Movies) Zombie CatVengeful CatSadako Cat "Resistant" Effect Up (M)
Cat High (にゃんこ学園, Nyanko Gakuen, Cat Academy) Banner CatDelinquent CatMaiden Cat "Weaken" Effect Up (Sm)
Spearfight (槍試合, Yari Shiai, Spear Match) Princess KaguyaValkyrie Cat "Freeze" Effect Up (Sm)
Heart Beat (心がぴょんぴょん, Kokoro ga Pyon Pyon, Hopping Heart) The White RabbitRope Jump Cat "Slow" Effect Up (Sm)
Dog Gods (犬神様, Inugami-sama, Dog Gods) Ururun WolfAnubis the Protector Cat Cannon Power Up (Sm)
Blessed Strength (聖なる力, Seinaru Chikara, Holy Power) Holy Valkyrie CatMegidora Cannon Start Level Up (M)
Like a Record, Baby (ぐるぐる大回転, Guru Guru Dai Kaiten, Round and Round) Wargod MasamuneCatornadoRope Jump Cat Cat Cannon Power Up (M)