Listed all Combos in an order same as the in-game book, if the player has access to all units and true forms. At least 1 combo(s) is/are missing.

ID Name Slot Effect Requirement
1 Cat Army 5 Worker Cat Start Level (Sm) Beginning
Behind Closed Doors 2 Cannon Power (Sm)
Cap'n Ahab 2 Base Defense (Sm) Beginning
Deathrock 2 Cannon Start Level (Sm)
12 Cool Japan 4 Unit Attack (M)
Sunbathers 2 Worker Cat Start Level (Sm)
Sound of Wings 2 Cannon Recharge (Sm) Beginning
Choppers 3 Unit Attack (Sm)
21 Apples and Oranges 2 Base Defense (Sm) Beginning
Take a Bow 2 Knockback (Sm)
Sister Act 2 Unit Attack (Sm)
Hecks Angels 2 Unit Speed (Sm)
29 Lingerie Special 2 Worker Cat Start Level (Sm)
In Bloom 2 Freeze (Sm)
Childhood Friends 2 Cannon Recharge (Sm)
Rawhide 2 Unit Speed (Sm) Beginning
101 Puppeteers Guild 2 Cannon Start Level (M)
Pyon Pyon for Two 2 Worker Cat Max (Sm) ItF Ch.1 Cleared
Helping Hand 2 Slow (Sm)
Fall in Love 2 Massive Damage (Sm)
147 Frog Prince 2 Strong (Sm)
Treasured Grandchild 2 Cannon Start Level (M)
No Stage Fright 2 Resistant (Sm)
Biohazard 2 Research Power (Sm)
151 Midsummer Sun 2 Massive Damage (Sm)
Reindeer's Gift 2 Starting Money (Sm)
Silver Screen 2 Accounting Power (Sm)
Long-Legged 2 Slow (M)
155 Life of the Party 2 Base Defense (M)
Good Jobs! 1 Study Power (Sm)
Thirteen 1 Knockback (Sm)
Itchy Riches 1 Worker Cat Start Level (Sm)
240 Toying Around 3 Accounting Power (Sm) Ver 5.1
Rich and Poor 2 Starting Money (Sm) Ver 5.1
Koi and Dragon 2 Cannon Recharge (M) Ver 5.1
Playing Slayer 2 Strong (Sm) Ver 5.1
249 Sweep the Area 2 Cannon Recharge (Sm)
Steel Saviors 2 Resistant (Sm)
Galactic Travel 2 Unit Speed (Sm)
Cursed Strength 2 Cannon Recharge (M)
258 Secret Agency 2 Worker Cat Max (Sm)
Living in Love 2 Cannon Power (Sm)
Classic Headwear 2 Cannon Recharge (M)
Best Friends (最高の友達) 2 Witch Killer (Massive) BCJP only
270 Hot, Fresh 'n' Fast 2 Accounting Power (M)
Green Thumb 2 Starting Money (Sm)
Purple Heart 2 Weaken (Sm)
Marine Tours 3 Massive Damage (Sm)
276 Pedal Powered 2 Knockback (Sm)
Black & White 2 Worker Cat Max (Sm)
Royal Submariner 2 Worker Cat Start Level (Sm)
Attack of the Li'ls 5 Unit Speed (M) ItF Ch.1 Cleared
160 X-Files 2 Cannon Power (Sm) ItF Ch.1 Cleared
Legs for Days 2 Knockback (Sm) ItF Ch.1 Cleared
Art History 2 Resistant (Sm) ItF Ch.1 Cleared
Moby Dick 3 Unit Defense (Sm) ItF Ch.1 Cleared
164 Back to School 3 Worker Cat Max (Sm)
Eye of the Storm 5 Unit Defense (M) ItF Ch.1 Cleared
Mo' Hawks 2 Knockback (Sm) ItF Ch.1 Cleared
Saucers 2 Massive Damage (Sm) ItF Ch.1 Cleared
168 Mecha 2 Slow (Sm)
Macho Man 2 Strengthen (Sm)
Bouncing Four 2 Starting Money (M) ItF Ch.1 Cleared
Pulling Strings 2 Starting Money (Sm) ItF Ch.1 Cleared
172 King and Queen 2 Worker Cat Start Level (Sm)
Enter The Ninja 2 Unit Speed (M)
Troubled Youth 2 Strengthen (Sm)
Duet 2 Worker Cat Start Level (Sm) ItF Ch.1 Cleared
176 Firewatch 3 Weaken (Sm)
Polk on Rice 2 Unit Defense (Sm)
Smiles at Cats 2 Freeze (Sm)
Lion King 2 Strong (Sm)
180 Peach 'n Banana 2 Unit Speed (Sm)
Honnoji's Curse 2 Freeze (Sm)
Cool in the Heat 2 Freeze (Sm)
Apollo Mission 2 Cannon Recharge (Sm)
184 Bony Bone 2 Research Power (Sm)
Chivalry and Candy 2 Slow (M)
Ratings Competition 2 Accounting Power (Sm)
Cats 'n Tanks 3 Cannon Recharge (Sm)
188 Headband 3 Cannon Power (Sm)
Watch Me Whip 2 Cannon Start Level (Sm)
Masquerade 3 Knockback (M)
As Above, So Below 2 Weaken (Sm)
252 Struck by Lightning 2 Massive Damage (Sm)
Neckless Chic 2 Knockback (Sm)
Blue Lagoon 2 Accounting Power (Sm)
Jungle Women 2 Strong (Sm)
261 Dreams of Flying 2 Knockback (Sm)
Offering to the Gods 2 Base Defense (M)
Arm Day Everyday 4 Unit Defense (M)
Nationals 2 Slow (Sm)
278 Trainspotting 2 Cannon Start Level (Sm)
Crazy Hearts 5 Starting Money (L) ItF Ch.2 Cleared
Power of Darkness 2 Weaken (M)
Gross!!! 3 Freeze (M) ItF Ch.2 Cleared
194 Nyanko, Inc. 2 Worker Cat Start Level (Sm) ItF Ch.2 Cleared
Seasons of Love 3 Strong (M) ItF Ch.2 Cleared
Flash in the Pan 2 Knockback (Sm)
Blossoming 2 Resistant (Sm)
198 Bento Special 2 Starting Money (M)
Speak of the Devil 2 Accounting Power (M) ItF Ch.2 Cleared
Classical Arts 2 Slow (Sm) ItF Ch.2 Cleared
Sportswoman 2 Unit Defense (Sm) ItF Ch.2 Cleared
202 Gentlemen 2 Worker Cat Max (Sm) ItF Ch.2 Cleared
Spinners 2 Unit Speed (Sm) ItF Ch.2 Cleared
Longnecks 2 Worker Cat Start Level (M)
Feel the Dance 3 Unit Defense (Sm)
206 Special Treatment 2 Knockback (M)
Horror Movies 3 Resistant (M)
Cat High 3 Weaken (Sm)
Spearfight 2 Freeze (Sm) ItF Ch.2 Cleared
210 Heart Beat 2 Slow (Sm)
Dog Gods 2 Cannon Power (Sm)
Blessed Strength 2 Cannon Start Level (M)
Like a Record, Baby 3 Base Defense (M)
279 Brunch Rush 2 Cannon Recharge (Sm)
Cutting Edge 2 Unit Speed (Sm)
Contest of Champs 4 Unit Attack (Sm)
Lolly Fanciers 2 Slow (Sm)
212 Master-Apprentice 2 Freeze (Sm)
Three Kings 3 Unit Defense (Sm)
Girlish Innocents 2 Base Defense (M)
Headbanger's Ball 3 Starting Money (M)
216 Showoffs 2 Worker Cat Max (Sm)
Sweets 3 Cannon Recharge (M)
Pointy Bits 2 Strengthen (Sm)
Yesterday's Enemy 3 Cannon Start Level (M)
220 Punchpunchpunch! 4 Unit Atack (M) ItF Ch.3 Cleared
Lust for Battle 3 Unit Attack (Sm)
Punish the Lewd 2 Resistant (Sm)
Team of Two 5 Unit Defense (M)
224 Double Typhoon 2 Massive Damage (Sm) ItF Ch.2 Cleared
Trick of the Wind 2 Knockback (Sm)
IT Crowd 2 Accounting Power (Sm)
Aerial Recon 4 Research Power (M)
228 Under Arrest 2 Slow (Sm) User Rank 1000
Cat Circus 3 Starting Money (M)
Checkered Skirt 2 Research Power (Sm)
Future of War 2 Strong (Sm) Ver 5.1
246 Bazooka Bros. 2 Cannon Power (Sm) Ver 5.1
Rivalry 2 Worker Cat Start Level (Sm) Ver 5.1
Heavenly Kings 3 Massive Damage (Sm) Ver 5.1
Volcanic Fury 2 Cannon Start Level (M)
264 Gang of Killers 2 Accounting Power (Sm)
Blessed Business 2 Worker Cat Max (M)
Commuter Life 2 Worker Cat Max (Sm)
Take me Out 3 Unit Defense (Sm)
284 Put on Ice 2 Unit Speed (Sm)
Greatswords 2 Cannon Power (M)
Double Date 2 Massive Damage (Sm) User Rank 2700
Lazing About 2 Strong (Sm) User Rank 2700
233 Curses!!! 2 Freeze (Sm)
Immodest Modesty 2 Worker Cat Max (Sm)
Jibbly Studio 3 Cannon Power (M) User Rank 1450
Pumpkinpants 2 Freeze (Sm)
237 Paranormal Activity 3 Worker Cat Start Level (M) User Rank 2150
Liver Trouble 2 Cannon Power (Sm)
Age of Dinosaurs 2 Base Defense (Sm) User Rank 2150
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