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Cat Energy (also known as just Energy or energy) is one of the Upgradable Stats in the game, and it is the limit of your playing time. Most levels cost energy to play, except for Challenge Battle, Catamin Stages and Catclaw Dojo. If you do not have enough energy to play a stage, then you need to wait until the energy recharges.

Recharging Cat Energy

The energy recharges at a rate of 1 point per minute, which can be reduced by obtaining Time Machine Treasures in Into the Future for up to 30 seconds. The player is required to connect to the Internet at least once when playing for the day so the game can sync the time and calculate how much energy a player should have gained correctly. If the player has not done this at all for the day, a warning will appear above the energy count display to tell player about this and the energy will not recharge properly.

When the player completes a Main Chapter or Legend Stages sub-chapter, or obtains a User Rank reward, they are rewarded with 1 Leadership which can be consumed to refill their energy. Prior to version 8.2, doing so would automatically refill the player's energy instead. Refilling the energy using Cat Food (costs 30) will give the player the maximum amount of energy, plus any energy leftover will be stored as an overflow amount which is used first (for example, if the player's current energy is 150 and their max energy is 600, they will have 750 energy after using Cat Food to recover). When a player has any overflow energy, they will not gain any more energy until all overflow energy is used.

Increasing Maximum Energy

Players start off with 100 energy. The current highest energy is 1050 (as of version 9.5).

Player can increase the maximum energy through multiple ways:

  • Upgrading the Cat Energy upgrade using XP. Max at level 10. Increases to level 20 after clearing Empire of Cats Chapter 2. (Total: +190 energy)
  • Using Cat Energy upgrade orb from Normal Cat Capsules. Enhance +10 levels. (Total: +100 energy)
  • Obtaining Management Bible treasures in Empire of Cats; 60 per chapter. (Total: +180 energy)
  • Obtaining Future Tech treasures in Into the Future; 30 per chapter. (Total: +90 energy)
  • Obtaining Dark Matter treasures in Cats of the Cosmos; 30 per chapter. (Total: +90 energy)
  • Clearing all Zombie Outbreak stages in Empire of Cats; 50 per chapter. (Total: +150 energy)
  • Clearing all Zombie Outbreak stages in Into the Future; 50 per chapter. (Total: +150 energy)

Stage Energy Cost

For this information, please see each stage related pages. Note that the amount of energy required for any stage may change depending on number of clears, stage difficulty or special events. Also take note that the amount of XP earned from completing any stage depends on their Energy requirement.

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