Battle Cats Wiki
~ Nyanko, this feature cannot be used outside of desktop mode! If the filter is not loading properly, try reloading the page!


This page has the capability to show an array of cat deploy icons given a set of selected filter options and a few settings. As noted at the top of the page, this page relies on JavaScript to function and cannot be used on the mobile skin. If it is not loading properly, the buttons will be unresponsive, and certain buttons at the bottom of the filter will not appear. Reloading the page may fix this problem if it occurs. Cats such as the Iron Wall Cat and Cheetah Cat are not displayed in addition to PC and Switch exclusive units.

To choose filters, click the buttons for target traits and abilities, and select the checkboxes for rarities. The on and off status of any selection button is indicated by coloring; grayed out buttons are not selected, and colored buttons are selected. At the bottom left of the filter, there is a switch to toggle between OR and AND filtering. OR filtering will show units with any of the selected abilities and target traits, and AND filtering only shows units with all of the selected abilities and target traits. Note that the filtering of unit rarities is unaffected by the OR/AND toggle.

In addition, there are two buttons located to the right of the OR/AND toggle (an NP icon and a Dark Catseye). These are the Talent and Ultra Talent inclusion buttons. Enabling Talent inclusion has the filter show any units matching the specified filters including abilities added by regular Talents in addition to abilities that the Normal, Evolved, True and Ultra (if applicable) Forms have. The Ultra Talent inclusion button works in the same way, but it only includes abilities from Ultra Talents and does not include regular Talents.

Clicking the Search button submits the filter options and shows the unit icons below the filter. This output area can be scrolled vertically if the height is not enough to show all units. In addition, the height of the output area can be adjusted if desired. Furthermore, the unit icons will transition between forms when hovering the mouse over the output area. This space can be hidden by the Clear button, which also removes all filter option selections.