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Not to be confused with the wiki's Cat Dictionary.

The Cat Guide is a compendium of Cat Units the player has obtained. It is unlocked after clearing Madagascar/Tottori in Empire of Cats Chapter 1. In The Battle Cats Unite!, it can be unlocked when clearing Saudi Arabia in the Empire of Cats Chapter.


  • The Cat Guide is grouped into several pages, chiefly sorted by rarity. Each page contains up to four rows of six units represented by their Normal Forms' icons, for a maximum of 24 units per page. Units that have not been unlocked are represented by a gray question mark icon. The Cat Guide has a filter like the Upgrade Menu and Equip Menu, but with the additional option to exclude "Limited" units from irregular events such as collabs.
  • Tapping on a unit's icon will bring the player to its Cat Guide entry. From there they can view its unlocked forms, name, description, targeted traits and abilities.
  • An arrow button in the bottom-right corner hides the hides the currently displayed cat's description and moves the unit to the bottom of the screen, which is necessary to fully view bigger characters such as Unknown Cat.
  • The player can tap on a cat to knock it back. After landing on the ground, they will move back to the center at their normal speed.
  • When the player views the entry of a unit or form they haven't unlocked yet, it will be displayed as a bouncing white question mark named "???" with a hint on how to unlock it. Units that are meant to be surprises, such as Superfeline and Legend Cats, have "???" as their hints.
  • Newly unlocked units will have the text "New!" on their icons; viewing the entries of such units for the first time will award the player 5 Cat Food.
  • Pressing the "Select" button allows the player to mark units as favorites. Once in the Upgrade or Equip Menu, they can then filter to only display favorites.


In addition to rarity, units in the Cat Guide are further sorted into groups based on how they are unlocked or which part of the game they are from. For example, the Rare Cats' section starts with Rare Cat Capsule units such as Pogo Cat, which is then followed by monthly event drops, then seasonal drops, and so on.


Below shows units in the Cat Guide:

Nyanko! Looks like this template can only be seen on desktop mode!

Nyanko! Looks like this template can only be seen on desktop mode!