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The Cat Shrine is a feature added to the Gamatoto Expedition menu in the Version 9.9 Update of the Japanese Version and the Version 9.10 Update of the English Version.

Jinja 001

If Into the Future Chapter 3 has been completed, the Cat Shrine will appear on the left side of the Gamatoto Expedition screen at random times, with a similar pattern to Zombie Outbreaks. When the Cat Shrine is available, the player can tap on it and be shown several options to donate XP to The Cat God in exchange for blessings, being materials, Catfruit, Catseyes or miscellaneous items, depending on the amount of XP donated. If enough time is elapsed without making an offering, the Cat Shrine will temporarily disappear.

The Cat Shrine will level up as the player donates XP; for every 10 levels, the Cat Shrine will temporarily disappear and gain a new design when it returns. Unlike GAMATOTO's costumes, the Cat Shrine's design changes are permanent. The current maximum level is 70, which requires the player to donate [N/A] XP.

As of Version 10.0, the Cat Shrine also has a Cat Fortune option available, indicated by a speech bubble with a lantern and fortune slip next to the Cat Shrine. When Cat Fortunes are available, the player can spend 5 XP once to have their fortune told, providing flavor text, increasing or decreasing the chance to find a large Item Pack, and, if lucky, summoning Inari, a one-use GAMATOTO helper which doubles the non-Cat Food rewards found during an expedition. When Cat Fortunes are unavailable, the Cat Fortune button will be greyed out and provide the text "The fortune slip box is empty..." when tapped. XP spent on fortune slips does not count toward Cat Shrine levels.


Stingy (100k XP)
Item Chance Item Chance
Bricks 14.29% Coal 14.29%
Feathers 14.29% Sprockets 14.29%
Gold 14.28% Meteorite 14.28%
Beast Bones 14.28%
Modest (1m XP)
Item Chance Item Chance
Purple Catfruit Seed 16% Red Catfruit Seed 16%
Blue Catfruit Seed 16% Green Catfruit Seed 16%
Yellow Catfruit Seed 16% Purple Catfruit 3.2%
Red Catfruit 3.2% Blue Catfruit 3.2%
Green Catfruit 3.2% Yellow Catfruit 3.2%
Epic Catfruit 3% Gold Catfruit 1%
Generous (3m XP)
Item Chance Item Chance
[Special] Catseye 23.75% [Rare] Catseye 23.75%
[Super Rare] Catseye 23.75% [Uber Rare] Catseye 23.75%
[Legend] Catseye 5%
All-Out (5m XP)
Item Chance Item Chance
Treasure Radar 15% Leadership 15%
Catamin A 20% Catamin B 20%
Catamin C 17% [Legend] Catseye 10%
Rare Cat Ticket 3%

Cat Fortune[]


Each time the player has their fortune told, they will be shown a "Your Fortune" screen with five lines of text. The first line is the player's perceived luck (Disaster, Bad Luck, No Luck, Li'l Luck, Good Luck, Super Luck and Uber Luck). It is still unknown as to what the differences are between Great Fortunes and Item Packs, the exact chances of having a good fortune or summoning Inari, and whether Cat Shrine levels have any effect on Cat Fortunes. It is however possible to receive a Legend Catseye when opening a "buffed" Gamatoto Item Pack upon his return; or on occasion, a Uber Rare Catseye instead. However, it is possible as well to receive only one Cat Food; should your luck be that bad.

Drop Rates[]

Uber Luck: 40% Inari, 40% Big Bag, 20% Leadership
Super Luck: 35% Inari, 35% Big Bag, 30% Leadership
Li'l Luck: 30% Inari, 30% Big Bag, 30% Leadership
No Luck: 20% Inari, 20% Big Bag, 20% Leadership
Bad Luck: 15% Inari, 15% Big Bag, 20% Leadership
Disaster: 10% Inari, 10% Big Bag, 20% Leadership


Level Appearance
Level 1~9 Jinja 001
Level 10~19 Jinja 002
Level 20~29 Jinja 003
Level 30~39 Jinja 004
Level 40~49 Jinja 005
Level 50~59 Jinja 006
Level 60 Jinja 007

Level-up Requirements[]

Lv XP Needed Lv XP Needed Lv XP Needed
1 Initial 2 100,000 (+100,000) 3 250,000 (+150,000)
4 450,000 (+200,000) 5 700,000 (+250,000) 6 1,000,000 (+300,000)
7 1,350,000 (+350,000) 8 1,750,000 (+400,000) 9 2,250,000 (+500,000)
10 3,000,000 (+750,000) 11 3,800,000 (+800,000) 12 4,625,000 (+825,000)
13 5,475,000 (+850,000) 14 6,350,000 (+875,000) 15 7,250,000 (+900,000)
16 8,200,000 (+950,000) 17 9,200,000 (+1,000,000) 18 10,350,000 (+1,150,000)
19 11,600,000 (+1,250,000) 20 13,000,000 (+1,400,000) 21 14,500,000 (+1,500,000)
22 16,100,000 (+1,600,000) 23 17,800,000 (+1,700,000) 24 19,600,000 (+1,800,000)
25 21,500,000 (+1,900,000) 26 24,000,000 (+2,500,000) 27 27,000,000 (+3,000,000)
28 31,000,000 (+4,000,000) 29 36,000,000 (+5,000,000) 30 43,000,000 (+7,000,000)
31 52,000,000 (+9,000,000) 32 61,000,000 (+9,000,000) 33 70,000,000 (+9,000,000)
34 79,000,000 (+9,000,000) 35 88,000,000 (+9,000,000) 36 97,000,000 (+9,000,000)
37 106,000,000 (+9,000,000) 38 115,000,000 (+9,000,000) 39 124,000,000 (+9,000,000)
40 133,000,000 (+9,000,000) 41 142,000,000 (+9,000,000) 42 151,000,000 (+9,000,000)
43 160,000,000 (+9,000,000) 44 169,000,000 (+9,000,000) 45 178,000,000 (+9,000,000)
46 187,000,000 (+9,000,000) 47 196,000,000 (+9,000,000) 48 205,000,000 (+9,000,000)
49 214,000,000 (+9,000,000) 50 223,000,000 (+9,000,000) 51 240,600,000 (+17,060,000)
52 257,180,000 (+17,120,000) 53 274,360,000 (+17,180,000) 54 291,600,000 (+17,240,000)
55 308,900,000 (+17,300,000) 56 326,260,000 (+17,360,000) 57 343,680,000 (+17,420,000)
58 361,160,000 (+17,480,000) 59 378,700,000 (+17,540,000) 60 396,300,000 (+17,600,000)


Level-up Dialogue
The world has become a little more peaceful.
Tomorrow, you won't sleep in too much.
That thing you lost is behind the sofa.
You have a look of fierce resolve in your eyes.
Your vision will improve ever so slightly.
You suddenly remember that time capsule you buried.
Your heart skips a beat.
You'll get 99% on your next exam.
You feel like Shrine is about to get upgraded.
You consider all the XP you've offered so far...
Why does Cat God need XP, anyhow?
You recall the scent of a fresh lemon.
You feel overwhelmed by love.
The future has become a little clearer.
You have become a bit more photogenic.
A sense of joy overwhelms you.
Good fortune is coming soon.
You have gained the courage to fight on!
Your efforts will surely not be wasted!
You'll try harder than ever next year!
What is real happiness, anyhow?
Your psychic senses have sharpened... maybe.
Somewhere, a newborn has just entered the world.
Somewhere, a hero has gained their first level.
You're remembering the face of your first love.
Your follower count will slightly increase.
Your spirit has grown even more...
You feel like giving Mom a call...
You're suddenly feeling more adventurous.
That toothache will go away soon.
You just thought of a new battle strategy.
You took the first step toward growing up.
You feel like you can soar through the skies.
The one you are waiting for will arrive soon.
You feel like your next Capsule draw will be lucky.
You will soon master the double-jump.
A masterful haiku just popped into your head.
A million dollars surely awaits you... someday.
Your fortunes are going up, up, UP!
You are filled with determination.
You're reminded of a nostalgic scent...
That pinch in your neck will heal soon.
Those gains from the gym will show soon.
That new cologne fits you perfectly.
Your neighbors will also be blessed.
Your faith in Catkind will be restored soon.
Your Cats are growing to love you even more.
Your favorite uncle will finally get that promotion.
The Shrine is more quake-resistant now.
Possible Fortune Flavor Texts
With Cat Food all things are possible.
The key to your desires is in your pocket...
The 7 Orbs shall grant all your wishes.
The chaos meter is at MAX!
Cat Jobs will guide you to success!
You'll be head of the class at Nyarvard!
A mysterious maiden will descend from the sky!
The 7 Lucky Gods will appear before you!
100 guests will soon come!
The market is about to peak!
Everything you will lead to PROFIT!
Time to cash in your Gold Cats!
Forget about it and just dance!
In this timeline it hasn't been lost.
If you are pure of heart it will return.
Check your garden for buried treasure!
Gamatoto will strike oil!
You'll definitely pick the right lotto numbers.
Your hidden abilities will soon awaken.
Your journey to save the world will soon begin.
Your travel diary will be a best-seller.
The time for action is NOW!
Ultimate strength is within your grasp!
Your victories will be decisive!
Shaman Cat has the perfect cure for your ills.
The only cure is to become a cyborg.
You'll stay in good health... probably!
You'll soon solve the riddle of love!
Spring will bring new romance.
Write a love letter with lemon juice.
Believe in the power of Cats!
Don't worry eat as many beans as you like!
Count 3 shooting stars for Cat God's favor.
You'll soon discover your motivation switch!
100% commitment is what it'll take!
Remember what Teacher Bear taught you!
You'll have to reach out to them first.
Remember: Fortune rides a tricycle.
They're sprinting over to you right now!
You'll be competitive in a popular genre.
You'll make mistakes but come out on top.
Those Epic Catfruit are selling well lately...
What you lost is already in the Cat Base!
Something lies hidden in Storage.
What you cast aside will soon return.
You'll find a $20 bill in your coat pocket.
Don't forget to wash those dishes!
Some things are more important than money.
Time to invest in a vacation home!
Scam the scammers before they scam you!
You'll meet some lovely neighborhood Cats!
All conflict is emptiness.
The true master always knows their enemy.
Don't rely only on Uber Cats okay?
A good night's sleep is the best cure.
You'll start feeling those aches one day.
Don't forget to take your multivitamins.
It's okay just go totally nuts!!
You'll discover love on the battlefield.
The pain of rejection will fade with time.
Your wish will come true only after you forget it.
Don't forget to take notes!
Be generous with your charity!
It takes money to make money!
Try aiming juuuuust left of center.
You'll become smarter than a Cat CPU!
You'll meet... in your dreams.
They'll be just 30 minutes late.
If you look left they'll come from the right.
You'll finally get that promotion soon!
The key to profit sits in your closet.
Wait for a Half-Off Sale to buy Special Cats!
Change your passwords monthly!
Gamatoto will dig it up!
You might have to move back in with Mom.
Your good-luck charm is just to your left.
Face the future and walk boldly forward!
Hesitation... is defeat.
A local hero will befriend you.
Your travels will be without troubles.
Relax with confidence!
Just do the best you can okay?
Don't give in to needless violence!
Doge will always love you.
Don't tease wild animals or you'll get bit.
For clear skin make sure to get enough sleep.
Don't forget to get your flu shot!
You'll have to work to win their heart.
Walk hand-in-hand with the one you love.
Just say Yes. Who knows what could happen?
It all depends on your effort.
True Happiness is found in 2D
Nothing much to say today!
Your old textbooks might hold the answer.
You'll be too focused on Cats to think straight.
Don't worry just leave it to Cat God.
Try waiting at the other entrance.
The one you await is in... Alaska.
You'll need to signal them first.
Not now. Wait two years.
Draw a Cat Capsule to learn your destiny.
That cute Cat is on sale soon.
You'll find what you want just pre-owned.
What you desire is on auction today.
You'll find it at the secondhand shop!
You might get a raise... next year.
Reconsider your Feng Shui.
More points will lead to certain victory!
You'll get stuck in a 100km traffic jam.
Your fortune is behind enemy lines.
Lead your Cats around the world!
Retreat will bring future victory.
Master when to deploy your Uber Cats!
Time to evolve your True Form!
Pain only hurts if you let it.
Don't eat stuff off of the ground.
Don't work out without stretching!
Show some love to the closest Cat!
Why not take a few photos of your date?
Carpooling with friends will bring you luck.
Your next dream will surely come true.
No Comment..
A wish made upon a stray cat will come true.
Your next test score will be... not good.
You'll make better progress... in cleaning.
Your first choice school will shut down...
Only the mailman will visit.
You will be challenged by a mystery warrior.
Your visitor came by... yesterday.
Don't leave important decisions up to a Cat.
No one wants that thing even for free.
Gory will take away your best clients.
Treasure hunters will search for years.
What you want is in a monster's nest.
It'll all be exchanged for XP...
You'll find $20 but lose your wallet.
Don't trust that email from a stranger.
A Cat will steal all your coins.
Those hot springs will just make you itchy.
The souvenir you bought wil break.
If you go do it today!
You'll lose to a Hippoe.
Watch out or you'll take an arrow to the knee.
Ms. Sign will destroy your Cat Base.
Don't bite the inside of your cheek.
Your stomach feels... kinda funny...
Avoid caramels if you don't want to lose a filling.
They want to be just friends...
All your friends will soon find love.
Your love rival is... Thief Cat.
Greed will lead to your downfall.
Your rival's wish will come true.
What you fear is actually your biggest chance!
A Doge will eat your homework.
You'll fall asleep during last-minute cramming.
Your mind will go blank during the next quiz.
I'm behind you RIGHT NOW!
Ms. Sign will soon get tired of waiting...
The one you await will come in a very ugly hat.
Your improv team will go into debt.
Thief Cat is in your office right now!
Doges will run away from you...
What you seek... is deep under the sea.
You should just forget about it...
Your Mom gave it away last year...
Don't buy that suspicious vase.
CRITICAL DAMAGE to your wallet!
A local Cat will raid your bank account.
You'll be cast adrift in the middle of the sea.
You'll be spirited away to an ancient kingdom.
Don't get sucked into any black holes!
What you give you'll get back double!
You're Assassin Bear's next target...
You'll be defeated even with Continues...
...You'd better keep that thought to yourself.
That weird rash will heal... in 3 months.
Something's growing... on your butt...
That love letter was sent by mistake...
They just caught you picking your nose.
Your crush doesn't know you exist...


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  • There are four types of offerings costing different amounts of XP. Each type of offering can only be made five times per Cat Shrine appearance. Modest offerings are notably the one of the few sources of the elusive Gold Catfruit, which is needed to unlock Cat God the Great, Lasvoss, Gold Brick Cat, Gold Cat, and Valentines Neneko's True Forms and also Windy's Ultra Form. Interestingly, there is also a pity system where you will gain one Gold Catfruit after 30 donations of 1 million XP each (which do not need to be consecutive).


  • On occasion, the Cat God from The Burgle Cats can be seen behind the Cat Shrine.
  • Inari Ōkami, or just Inari, is the Japanese kami of foxes, fertility, rice, agriculture, industry, and worldly success, to whom many have made offerings at her own shrines.
  • The quote "You are filled with determination" is a possible reference to the indie role-playing game Undertale, in which the same phrase appears whenever the player uses a save point.
  • The quote "The 7 Orbs shall grant all your wishes." is a reference to the series Dragon Ball.