Advent Stages are a group of time-limited stages that appear twice a month for two days each. All Advent Stages contain a unique boss, are No Continues stages, and have a difficulty of either Deadly or Merciless. Most of them are unlocked after Into the Future Chapter 1, except for Blue Impact, which is unlocked after beating Cats of the Cosmos Chapter 3.

Once encountered, the boss will be recorded in the Enemy Guide. If the stage is completed, there is a chance to unlock a new, unique Rare or Super Rare (30-40% success rate), as well as at least 3800 XP, 30 Cat Food and 1 Leadership for the first victory. After beating an Advent Stage, an Awakening Stage for the cat unlocked in said stage will start to appear on the same dates. Beating these Awakening Stages can unlock new Advent Stages with variants of bosses found in the originals.

List of Advent Stages

Name Boss Cat Appearance Dates
Clionel Ascendant (Clionel Dominant) Cruel Angel Clionel Catway 7/8/21/22
River Styx (River Acheron) Hannya Express Cat 11/12/25/26
Queen's Coronation (Queen's Condemnation) Queen B Little Leaguer Cat 1/2/15/16
Dead on Debut (Dead by Encore) Daboo of the Dead Curling Cat 3/4/17/18
King Wahwah's Revenge (King Wahwah's Return) King Wahwah Glass Cat 5/6/19/20
Deeply Dreaming (A Deeper Dream) Bakoo Lone Cat and Kitten 9/10/23/24
Blue Impact Puffsley's Comet Mightycat /
Courts of Torment Black Okame Medusa Cat /
聖者ポプウ降臨 494 526-1 /
古王妃飛来 495 527-1 /


  • Prior to February 2018, the first five Advent Stages had no known schedule.

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