Advent Stages are a type of time-limited stage that appears twice a month for two days each. All Advent Stages contain a unique boss, are unlocked after clearing Into the Future Chapter 1, are No Continues stages, have a difficulty of Deadly. Once encountered, the boss will be recorded in the Enemy Guide. If the stage is completed, there is a chance to unlock a new, unique Rare or Super Rare (30-40% success rate), as well as at least 3800 XP, 30 Cat Food and 1 Leadership for the first victory.

List of Advent Stages

Name Boss Cat Appearance Dates
Clionel Ascendant Cruel Angel Clionel Catway 7/8/21/22
River Styx Hannya Express Cat 11/12/25/26
Queen's Coronation Queen B Little Leaguer Cat 1/2/15/16
Dead on Debut Daboo of the Dead Curling Cat 3/4/17/18
King Wahwah's Revenge King Wahwah Glass Cat 5/6/19/20
Deeply Dreaming Bakoo Lone Cat and Kitten 9/10/23/24


  • Prior to February 2018, the Advent Stages had no known schedule.

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