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Aku Doge, the first example of an Aku enemy

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Aku Enemies, known as Devils or Demons (悪魔 Akuma) in the Japanese Version, are a type of Enemy Unit introduced in the Empress' Research stages and Uncanny Legends. They are the second blue enemy type in the game, though they are a darker shade of blue than Aliens, with black accents. Most Aku carry at least one of two exclusive abilities: Shields are a Barrier-like defense which regenerates each time their bearer receives a damage-based knockback, and Aftermath gives its user a chance to produce a Surge Attack when killed.

Like Angels, all Aku lack the Floating trait.


  • Aku is a Japanese word meaning "evil" or "wickedness".
  • There is an inconsistency with the pluralization of Aku. In unit descriptions it's just Aku, but on Aku Researcher's sign it's Akus.
  • Aku have their own writing system, which consists of Japanese words written in pixelated upside-down katakana. This text is not translated between languages.

    "Cat Queen opens the door to the Devil World."

  • Aku take exactly twice as long to debut in Uncanny Legends (38 sub-chapters in) as Angels in Stories of Legend (19 sub-chapters in).
  • Thaumaturge Cat's staff seems to bear the "evil eye" associated with Aku, though it may just be a reference to Magical Circle Guru Guru.
  • This type may have been inspired by the Death enemies in Yuru-i GeGeGe no Kitarou: Youkai Dotabata Daisensou, which also look demonic and have a barrier-like ability.
    • Aku enemies' designs could've also been based off of Zombie Cat's Evolved Form, Devil Cat.
  • Most Aku have yellow eyes; those with no or black eyes tend to be peons or Wicked Cats.
  • The first Aku enemy is technically Dark Emperor Santa, who was retroactively given the trait in version 11.3.
  • Dark Emperor Santa is the only Aku enemy whose body is not mainly that of a dark blue color.
  • Despite being introduced later than the Relic trait, Aku is listed before Relic in the Upgrade Menu.

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