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Shibalien, the first example of an Alien enemy

Alien Enemies (エイリアン Eirian) are a type of Enemy Unit introduced in Chapter 1 of Into the Future. They are rather strong, generally don't give much money, and come in two varieties: Unstarred and Starred.

Aliens' health and damage are initially multiplied by either 700% or 1,600% depending on their subtype, making them EXTREMELY strong initially. This is especially the case when combined with the buffs in stages such as Queen's Coronation and Blue Impact, rendering them almost unbeatable unless the player has activated some of the anti-Alien crystal Treasures. Each 100% Treasure reduces this multiplier by 100% (66% reduces it by 66%, 33% by 33%, and so on). They also have a knack to cause status effects, from debuffs or buffs to themselves as well as a wide abundance of backliners.

Unstarred Aliens and Starred Aliens each have their own debuffing Treasures; Treasures debuffing one subtype will not debuff the other. For more information, see Anti-unstarred Alien Treasures and Anti-Starred Alien Treasures.


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