Angel Enemies are a type of enemy that appear in certain events, such as Wrath of Heaven, as well as various stages in Stories of Legend, Into the Future and Cats of the Cosmos starting from Jailbreak Diary, Madagascar and Catseye Nebula, respectively. Almost all of them sport area attack and high damage, ignore Anti-Floating Cat Unit, and are very annoying in later stages, where they have their stats increased. Most of the newer Angel enemies introduced after the original 4 (Gabriel, Heavenly Hippoe, Angelic Gory, and Divine Cyclone) have abilities: slow, knockback, freeze, long distance, weaken, multi-hit and barrier/shockwave (Sunfish/Sluggy, Sleipnir, Chickful, Clionel, Mr. Angel, Cala Maria and Youcan), respectively.


  • Most Angel Enemies are often mistook for Floating Enemies, leading to the creation of Angel Fanboy.
  • All Angel Enemies sport a halo above their their head.
  • Boraphim is the only Angel Enemy introduced after Divine Cyclone that doesn't have a special ability.

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