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Heavenly Hippoe, the first example of an Angel enemy

Angel Enemies (Japanese: 天使 Tenshi) are a type of Enemy Unit. Like Black Enemies, Angels are often highly aggressive and tend to push with Area Attacks as well as high stats. They are nearly always mutually exclusive with the Floating category of enemies.

See here for a list of units with anti-Angel abilities.


  • All Angel enemies sport a halo above their head.
  • When first introduced to BCJP, Angels were not targeted by "anti-all" units such as Jamiera Cat and Ururun Cat, encouraging use of dedicated anti-Angel units. Though quickly changed, this was deliberate, as Angel Fanboy's Japanese description used to say that special abilities other than anti-Angel abilities would not work ("Angels can't be hurt by non-Angelic attacks" in BCEN). Even after the "anti-all" units were updated to target Angels, Angel Fanboy's description remained the same until Version 6.6, which added Youcan, an Angel who can be affected by anti-Alien abilities.
  • The Angel trait is occasionally referred to as "Angelic", such as in Cat Toaster's description, Amber Egg: N110's description and Mr. Angel's pre-13.3 Enemy Guide entry.
  • Cala Maria and Heracrist are the only Angels to have single-target attacks.
  • Bears Be Back are the only Angel enemy to have the Floating trait.
  • Youcan and Bears Be Back are the only Angels to have any other traits.

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