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Awakening Stages are a group of Special Stages that will unlock the True Form of a Cat Unit when completed. Currently, there are Awakening Stages for purchasable Special Cats (unlockable to buy by progressing in Empire of Cats), certain Item Drop Cats, Stamp Reward Cats and Event Capsule Cats.

Awakening Stages typically consist of two stages, the second usually being much harder. The chance to unlock a Cat's True Form is very low (5%) in stage one and guaranteed (100%) in stage two. The player will receive 30 Cat Food and a Leadership after clearing it for the first time. In Awakening Stages for units obtained from Cyclone Stages or Advent Stages, stage one will instead drop 1,000,000 XP when cleared for the first time. Awakening Stages with only one stage will drop the True Form at a 100% chance.

  • Event Information: (from Ponos's Facebook and Twitter page)
  • Translation:
"Announcement of a new event!
EX characters who have awakened to their true power are attacking! Clear the stage and you'll have a chance to evolve into the third form...!
The event is scheduled to start on January 30th as a "guerrilla" event!"


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