Barrier Breaker is a special ability that certain cats have. This ability gives the unit a chance of breaking enemy Barriers, even if its attack damage is lower than the Barrier's health.

Character's Name Barrier Breaker chance
Loincloth Cat 30% chance
Cyberpunk Cat 15% chance if Talent is added; increases by 5% each level, up to 60%
Space Cat

Major Space Cat

30% chance
Space Marine Cat 50% chance
Gentleman Bros. 30% chance
Immortal Shingen 32% chance if Talent is added; increases by 2% each level, up to 50%
Catophone 20% chance
God-Emperor Dioramos 100% chance
Li'l Macho Legs Cat 30% chance
Major Leaguer Cat

Golfer Cat

35% chance
Lost World Nekomimi Yuki 100% chance


100% chance


100% chance


100% chance

Lancer CC

100% chance
Fencer Cat

Kendo Cat
The Kitty of Liberty

100% chance
Volta 100% chance
Eva Unit-01

Eva Unit-01 & Cat

100% chance
Li'l Valkyrie 30% chance
Dark Li'l Valkyrie 30% chance

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