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Ragin' Gory, the first example of a Behemoth

Behemoth Enemies (超獣 Chōjū, Super-Beasts) are a type of enemy introduced in version 11.5 and chiefly encountered in the Behemoth Culling stages, Zero Legends and the Zombie Outbreaks of Cats of the Cosmos Chapter 2. Behemoths tend to have at least one immunity (most commonly to Surges), very high combat stats compared to most normal enemies, and certain attack-related abilities such as Long Distance, Omni Strike, or multi-hit.

The only ability to specifically affect Behemoths is Behemoth Slayer, which increases damage against them to 2.5x, reduces damage taken from them to 0.6x and provides a set chance to dodge their attacks.

Like Colossus and Sage, Behemoth always overlaps with one of the standard enemy types. Design-wise, Behemoths tend to be more feral or monstrous-looking compared to any other variants.


  • With the exception of Ragin' Gory, all Behemoths are references to Monster Hunter:
Behemoth References Explanation
Ultima Beast Naala Kirin Similar proportions and design as a unicorn-like creature with a singular, long horn, as well as the ability to summon lightning.
Wild Doge Canyne Similar ears and cheek fur, with the same X-shaped marking on his forehead.
Casaurian Ahirujo Yian Kut-Ku Similar frills, beak shape, legs, color scheme and attack animation. Like Yian Kut-Ku, Ahirujo is considered a low-tier, early-game Behemoth.
Deviljho Ahirujo's name is a portmanteau of ahiru (the Japanese word for duck) and Ibirujō (Deviljho's Japanese name).
Pterowl Hazuku Silver Rathalos Similar color scheme, flies a lot, and attacks by releasing its anger in the form of a blue fireball, which Silver Rathalos is known to do when enraged.
Nightcloak Malfestio Both are monstrous owls with draconic wings, as shown in Hazuku's attack animation.
Crustaceous Scissorex Stonefist Hermitaur A giant hermit crab with a skull for a shell and a left claw bigger than its right. Its Slow ability is The Battle Cats' closest equivalent to Stonefist Hermitaur's Waterblight effect, which slows down the rate at which Hunters recover stamina.
THE FOLIVOREAN Nargacuga Similar Japanese name (Namakemoruga) and attacks by ejecting quills from its tail in the same way as Nargacuga. Its blue fur is reminiscent of Fiercewater Nargacuga from Monster Hunter Explore, while its Freeze ability could be inspired by the Stun effect from Green Nargacuga's tail slam attack.
Fiercewater Nargacuga
Green Nargacuga
Casaurian Darkjo Yian Garuga The Yian Garuga to Casaurian Ahirujo's Yian Kut-Ku, with black feathers, bigger frills and poisonous attacks. His red eye specifically references Deadeye Yian Garuga.
Deadeye Yian Garuga
Angelic Beast Rajakong Furious Rajang Similar name, horns, gorilla-like appearance, and attack that produces electricity and waves. His lack of tail and resemblance to Ragin' Gory are what suggest Furious Rajang rather than normal Rajang.
Formicidaean Ariant Altaroth Both are insects that absorb food and resources into their swollen, sac-like abdomens. In addition, Ariant has the second-lowest base HP of all Behemoths, which matches up with how Altaroth is regarded as one of the weakest monsters in the series.
Cumulus Gallus White Fatalis Same personality, branching horns, spike-tipped wings, color scheme, lightning-producing capabilities and habitat (a tower that extends above the clouds), and both grow stronger after falling below a certain amount of health. Cumulus Gallus' Japanese name, Piyoroots, combines the onomatopoeia piyopiyo (chirping) with one of White Fatalis' Japanese names, Miraroots.
Ancient Magamojoe Kulu-Ya-Ku His Relic features resemble Kulu-Ya-Ku's beak, feathers and tail. Fittingly, Kulu-Ya-Ku is a very early-game monster, and Magamojoe debuts in the very first stage of Zero Legends.
Great Ape Luza Garangolm Similar concept as a huge, gorilla-like monster with green accents in its design and an association with nature. Though not a Behemoth, Zero Luza shows further parallels to Garangolm, including heavily armored arms, red eyes when attacking, and becoming more dangerous when sufficiently hurt.
Vermilingua Rangmaster Volvidon Identical ears and eye color, similar carapace, and attacks with a long, powerful tongue that crackles with electricity, referencing Volvidon's Tongue Lash and Paralytic Spit attacks. The "Rang" in his name comes from Rangurotora, Volvidon's Japanese name.
Infernal Pegasus Deonil Teostra Similar mane, fangs, wings, tail, affinity for fire and Japanese name (Teonir). Its Freeze ability may be based off of the Stun effect that Teostra's Supernova can inflict in the 4th Generation of Monster Hunter games.
Suidae Piggicus Poogie Poogie is a customizable pet pig whose original outfit, the Memorial Stripes, closely resembles the striped fur of Piggicus, a pet pig that thought it was wearing clothes and has a similar Japanese name (Piigie).
Elephantidae Papaou Popo or Elderfrost Gammoth All three are mammoth-like creatures with tusks and thick fur, and Papaou's name sounds similar to Popo. On the other hand, Papaou's Japanese description says that he aggressively pursues females, and Capcom has stated that all Gammoth found in-game are female, meaning Papaou could represent the idea of an unseen male Gammoth.
Iguanidae Ibilujon Deviljho Same violent and nomadic nature, voracious appetite, level of threat to the ecosystem, green coloration, spikes, tail shape and gaping, drooling mouth. Ibilujon's name is derived from Deviljho's Japanese name (Ibirujō), and its attack animation has a faint cloud of smoke that references Deviljho's signature Dragon Breath attack.
Lophiiformes Angaburu Gobul Similar fangs, spikes, lure and purple coloration. The name Angaburu is derived from anglerfish and Gobul's Japanese name, Chanagaburu.
Crocodylidae Kurocroc Brute Tigrex Similar Japanese name (Kurukox), winged forelimbs, tail and speed. Its Black trait references Brute Tigrex' title (Black Roaring Wyvern), and the red markings on its forelimbs resemble the glowing red veins that become visible through Tigrex' hide when it accelerates its blood circulation.
Ensanglion the Calamity Shagaru Magala Ensanglion's Japanese description states that his miasma turns normal beasts into Behemoths, which tend to have vastly increased strength, speed, savagery and aggression compared to their original variants, along with red eyes in the case of the Black Behemoths and Cumulus Gallus. All of these symptoms are shared with the Frenzy Virus caused by Gore Magala and its adult stage, Shagaru Magala, which acts as the final boss of Monster Hunter 4, just as Ensanglion is the final boss of the Behemoth Culling maps.
  • Most Behemoths' Japanese names include a title with the format "Super X Beast" (超X獣 Chō Xjū), where X is a prefix related to the enemy in question. These titles are different for every Behemoth except Ultima Beast Naala and Ancient Magamojoe, who share the same title.
    • Many Behemoths are given scientific names in English instead.
Behemoth(s) Translated Title
Ultima Beast Naala Super Ancient Beast (超古獣 Chō Kojū)
Ancient Magamojoe
Casaurian Ahirujo Super Bird-Beast (超鳥獣 Chō Chōjū)
Pterowl Hazuku Super Dragon-Beast (超竜獣 Chō Ryūjū)
Crustaceous Scissorex Super Shell-Beast (超甲獣 Chō Kōjū)
THE FOLIVOREAN Super Thorn-Beast (超刺獣 Chō Togejū)
Casaurian Darkjo Super Dark Beast (超闇獣 Chō Yamijū)
Angelic Beast Rajakong Super Heavenly Beast (超天獣 Chō Tenjū)
Formicidaean Ariant Super Explosive Beast (超爆獣 Chō Bakujū)
Cumulus Gallus Super Winged Beast (超翼獣 Chō Yokujū)
Great Ape Luza Super Ape-Beast (超猿獣 Chō Enjū)
Vermilingua Rangmaster Super Tongue-Beast (超舌獣 Chō Zetsujū)
Infernal Pegasus Deonil Super Flame Beast (超炎獣 Chō Enjū)
Suidae Piggicus Super Pig-Beast (超豚獣 Chō Butajū)
Elephantidae Papaou Super Elephant-Beast (超象獣 Chō Zōjū)
Iguanidae Ibilujon Super Violent Beast (超暴獣 Chō Bōjū)
Lophiiformes Angaburu Super Fish-Beast (超魚獣 Chō Gyojū)
Crocodylidae Kurocroc Super Fang-Beast (超牙獣 Chō Kibajū)
Ensanglion the Calamity Super Calamity Beast (超禍獣 Chō Kajū)
  • Lophiiformes Angaburu is currently the only Behemoth to have no immunities.
  • Metal is the only trait without any Behemoths.
  • Ragin' Gory, Ultima Beast Naala and Wild Doge existed before the Behemoth type itself; they were retroactively given the type in version 11.5.
  • Most of the Behemoths were exclusive to the Behemoth Culling, Hunter's Map and/or Empress' Excavation stages before appearing in Uncanny Legends or Zero Legends.
  • Despite his name, Le'Behemoth is not a Behemoth enemy. This is a BCEN-specific discrepancy caused by poor localization: the Behemoth type's Japanese name is "Super Beast" (超獣 Chōjū), which is distinct from the "Behemoth" part of Le'Behemoth's Japanese name.
  • Behemoth's Peak's English name may have been intended to foreshadow the addition of the Behemoth type, beginning with the general introduction of Ultima Beast Naala.
  • Prior to BCEN 12.6, the syntax used for Behemoth's traits in the Enemy Guide was more inconsistent: Ragin' Gory, Ultima Beast Naala, Wild Doge, Casaurian Ahirujo, Pterowl Hazuku, Crustaceous Scissorex, Suidae Piggicus and Iguanidae Ibilujon were listed as "(Trait / Behemoth)", Lophiiformes Angaburu was already "(Zombie/Floating/Behemoth)" like it is now, with no spaces between the slashes, and all other Behemoths were listed as "(Trait) (Behemoth)".

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