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Ragin' Gory, the first example of a Behemoth

Behemoth Enemies, known as Super-Beasts (超獣 Chōjū) in the Japanese Version, are a type of enemy introduced in version 11.5 and chiefly encountered in the Behemoth Culling stages. Every Behemoth has at least one immunity (most commonly to Surges), and most also possess multi-hit, Long Distance, or both. Behemoth Slayers inflict more damage against them, take less damage and have a set chance to dodge their attacks. Like Colossal, Behemoth always overlaps with one of the standard enemy types. Design-wise, Behemoths tend to be more feral or monstrous-looking compared to their other variants if any exist.


  • With the exception of Ragin' Gory, all Behemoths' designs or attack animations are references to Monster Hunter:
  • Most Behemoths' Japanese names include a title with the format "Super X Beast" (超X獣 Chō Xjū), where X is a prefix related to the enemy in question:
    • Ultima Beast Naala: Super Ancient Beast (超古獣 Chō Kojū)
    • Casaurian Ahirujo: Super Bird-Beast (超鳥獣 Chō Chōjū)
    • Pterowl Hazuku: Super Dragon-Beast (超竜獣 Chō Ryūjū)
    • Crustaceous Scissorex: Super Shell-Beast (超甲獣 Chō Kōjū)
    • THE FOLIVOREAN: Super Thorn-Beast (超刺獣 Chō Togejū)
    • Casaurian Darkjo: Super Dark Beast (超闇獣 Chō Yamijū)
    • Angelic Beast Rajakong: Super Heavenly Beast (超天獣 Chō Tenjū)
    • 614: Super Explosive Beast (超爆獣 Chō Bakujū Arianto)
  • 614's Japanese name, Ariant, is one letter away from Aiant, the Japanese name of the ant Pokémon Durant, making it the only Behemoth to potentially reference another franchise besides Monster Hunter.
  • Behemoth is currently the only type that can overlap with Traitless, since it isn't counted as one of the nine traits.
  • Ragin' Gory, Elder Beast Naala and Wild Doge existed before the Behemoth type itself; they were retroactively given the type in version 11.5.
  • Despite his name, Le'Behemoth is not a Behemoth enemy. This is a BCEN-specific discrepancy caused by poor localization: the Behemoth type's Japanese name is "Super-Beast" (超獣 Chōjū), which is distinct from Le'Behemoth.

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