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Assassin Bear, the first example of a Black enemy

Black Enemies (Japanese: 黒い敵 Kuroi Teki) are a type of Enemy Unit. Most of them are rusher-type enemies that can be knocked back easily, but have high health, rapid attacks, massive damage output, low range, and fast movement speed, with a few exceptions. They also tend to rely on physical stats rather than special abilities. The first Black enemy, Assassin Bear, can be found in the Challenge Battle after finishing Empire of Cats Chapter 1.

See here for a list of units with anti-Black abilities.


  • Since Traitless and Red were the only enemy types in Ganso!! Nyanko Daisensou, Assassin Bear was originally considered a Traitless enemy.
    • His design was later used as a base for most Black enemies.
  • In Nyanko Defence Force, Jackie Peng had Red, Black and Metal variants that have not appeared in other games.
  • In YuruGeGe, the Hercules Enemies were having similarities with Black Enemies, both of them have fast speed, strong damage than original version of enemy.

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