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Brainwashed Cats are Super Rare Cats based on the nine Normal Cats that you earn at the start of the game. Each Brainwashed Cat has at least one unique ability to distinguish it from its Normal, Crazed and Li'l counterparts except for Brainwashed Lizard Cat, which does not have any abilities in its first two forms. They are all obtained from the Rare Cat Capsule, being spread across various Seasonal Gacha Events.

Note that while Brainwashed Cat, Brainwashed Tank Cat and Brainwashed Axe Cat appear to be allied versions of Wicked Cat, Wicked Tank Cat and Wicked Axe Cat, respectively, defeating these enemies does not unlock their Brainwashed counterparts.

The Brainwashed Cats' True Forms were all added in Version 12.7 and can be obtained by beating their corresponding Malevolent Stages, which appear for 1 day per month if the player has cleared Mount Aku/Mount Fuji in The Aku Realms. The Malevolent Stages contain enemy versions of these True Forms known as the Malevolent Cats (e.g., Brainwashed Mohawk Cat's stage features a Malevolent Mohawk Cat), which are all Aku and have the Counter-Surge ability.

The list of Brainwashed Cats currently includes:

Level Caps[]

Level Requirement
Level 10 None
Level 20 Complete Empire of Cats Chapter 2
Level 25 User Rank 1000
Level 30 User Rank 1300
Level 40 Catseyes
Level 50 Catseyes after completing An Ancient Curse
Level MAX +9 None
Level MAX +20 User Rank 2000
Level MAX +30 User Rank 2400
Level MAX +40 User Rank 3200
Level MAX +50 User Rank 4100
Level MAX +60 User Rank 4650
Level MAX +70 User Rank 5900


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