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Colossal Enemies (超生命体 Chō Seimeitai) are a type of Enemy Unit introduced in Gauntlets and Uncanny Legends. The only ability to affect this type specifically is Colossus Slayer, but to balance it out they all have a regular trait as well. In terms of design, they are enlarged versions of pre-existing enemies with black orbs embedded in their bodies.


  • The Colossal type was added in version 11.2, but the enemies themselves were introduced as early as version 9.3. These pre-existing enemies had Colossal added on to the traits that they originally had.
  • Colossal enemies were not listed in the Enemy Guide until version 11.3, making them the only enemies whose descriptions were added retroactively.
  • J.J. Jackrabbit is the first Colossal enemy to:
    • Appear outside of Gauntlets
    • Lack its own Gauntlet
    • Be a peon rather than a singular threat
  • According to their Japanese descriptions, all Colossi are regular enemies that were enhanced through experiments in the Laboratory of Relics.

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