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Crazed Cats are all Super Rare Cat based on the nine Normal Cats that you earn at the start of the game. Although they retain a striking resemblance to Normal Cats, they are far more powerful, some analysis of just how much more powerful can be found here.

The list of Crazed Cats includes:

Level Caps[]

Level Requirement
Level 10 None
Level 20 Complete Empire of Cats Chapter 2
Level 25 User Rank 3600
Level 30 User Rank 3650
Level 40 Catseyes
Level 50 Catseyes after completing An Ancient Curse

Crazed Cat Stats[]

Most of them are enhanced versions of their original form. They also tend to have unique abilities compared to their Normal Cat counterpart.

These cats are unlocked by defeating their specific special stages in the Legend Stages.

Upon conquering a Crazed Cat stage, you are awarded the relevant Crazed Cat Unit. Their Awakening Stages are all Deadly-difficulty and award the Manic evolution at Level 20, when successfully conquered. They are only unlocked and available to players once all of the original Crazed Cat stages have been completed in their entirety.

Note: For this category, units outside of the nine mentioned above, e.g. Crazed Bahamut Cat or Crazed Moneko will not be included.


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