Cyclone Stages are a group of time-limited stages that introduce the Cyclones, a set of enemies with very quick attacks and extremely high health and attack power. The difficulty for these stages range from Expert (Hard++ in the past) to Merciless.

Once encountered, Cyclones will be recorded in the Enemy Guide. If the stage is completed, there is a chance to get a unique, new Rare or Super Rare anti-Metal Cat (30-40% success rate), as well as at least 3800 XP, 30 Cat Food and 1 Leadership for the first time victory.

Cyclones have a general trait of being reasonably slow (with the exception of Primeval Cyclone) and low attack range (with the exception of The Perfect Cyclone) however they also often sport high health and damage along with a constant attack rate, meaning they can push with extreme ease. Stalling (Freeze, Slow & Knockback) cats are highly recommended to take them on.

For now, only Typhoon Nemo (Primeval Cyclone Stage) has no known schedule.


Monday: Crimson Catastrophe

Tuesday: Red Sky at Morning, The Rolling Dead

Wednesday: Heaven of Darkness

Thursday: Dimension of Despair

Friday: Peerless

Saturday: Wrath of Heaven

Sunday: Sweet Irony, The 2nd Dimension

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