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Mooth, the first example of a Floating enemy

Floating Enemies (浮いてる敵, Uiteru Teki) are enemies that have the ability to float. Pure Floating enemies' bodies are generally white or gray, and many of the Floating enemies are hybrids, having more than one trait at a time. Unlike Colossus, Behemoth, and Sage, Floating is considered a trait, meaning it never overlaps with Traitless and can be affected by abilities that target "all traits" or "Traited enemies", such as Shining Amaterasu's Massive Damage and Baby Gao's Strong Against.

See here for a list of units with anti-Floating abilities.


  • The first Floating enemy encountered in the current version of the game is Mooth, but the first Floating enemy in the series is The Face, who has been present since Ganso!! Nyanko Daisensou, whereas Mooth made his first appearance in Kumanchu Royale.
  • Floating was the only trait from The Battle Cats to also appear in Kyoutou Project, though one could argue the Steel type was just Metal under a different name.
    • In Kyoutou Project, Floating was associated with light blue instead of green.
  • In YuruGeGe, Floating was named Hikō-kei (飛行系, "Flying-style", "Flying-family" or "Flying-type") and was not considered a trait, but rather one of many special non-trait types assigned to both allied and enemy units, which were relevant for stage restrictions and unique abilities set to either buff or counter units of these types without being disabled by Seal (the game's equivalent of the Curse effect). The Ojamajo Doremi collab unit Ojamajo Onpu had a Flying Killer ability that did up to 400% damage to flying enemies, which was separate from the Massive Damage ability, and the allied version of Zambia could gain the ability to boost all flying allies' health by 20%.
  • Owlbrow and his variants are the only Floating enemies to directly touch the ground most of the time, with his description even poking fun at this.
    • The reverse could also be applied to the Japanese descriptions of Super Cosmic Cyclone and Mesocosmocyclone, which specify that they are too low to the ground to be actually floating.
  • From Version 12.5 to Version 13.3, which overhauled the Enemy Guide, Ursamajor's traits were incorrectly listed as "Alien/Floating" in BCEN's Enemy Guide, even though he isn't a Floating enemy.

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