Item Drop Cats are Cat Units that can be unlocked when completing certain stages. Some only have a chance of being unlocked, while others are guaranteed. For units that only have a chance of being unlocked, using a Treasure Radar will increase the chance to 100%.

Empire of Cats and Into the Future Bonus Cats

The player will get some bonus cats/True Form upgrades at certain points in the Empire of Cats and Into the Future. Some of them are necessary to use in the Stories of Legend.

Character's Name How to unlock
Bean Cats Complete Chapter 1 (EoC) - Greece Stage
Moneko Complete Chapter 1 (EoC)
Valkyrie Cat Complete Chapter 2 (EoC)
Bahamut Cat Complete Chapter 3 (EoC)
Holy Valkyrie Cat Complete Chapter 2 (ItF)
Awakened Bahamut Cat Complete Chapter 3 (ItF)

Stories of Legend Treasure Cats

There are some unlockable Cats in the Stories of Legend, the first one will appear in sub-chapter 18. Cat units dropped in the Stories of Legend are necessary to use in some of the more difficult stages, such as Awakening, Crazed and Manic Stages.

Treasure ID Character's Name How to Unlock
1113 Ururun Wolf Treasure in The Great Escaper (Stage 18-6)
1118 Li'l Nyandam Treasure in Saint Red Fox (Stage 23-6)
1130 Red Riding Mina Treasure in Learned to Love (Stage 28-6)
1139 Miyamoku Musashi Treasure in Multiversal Studios (Stage 37-6)

Monthly Event Cats

Each Monthly Event has an exclusive cat unit. Clear the Event Stages to unlock them. The first stage of the event has an extremely low chance to unlock the unit, but each stage has a slightly higher chance than the last. Their True Forms can be unlocked by playing the Awakening Stage available during the Monthly Event period.

Treasure ID Character's Name How to unlock
1007 Adult Cat Treasure in Happy New Year?
1008 Evil Cat Treasure in Ritual Happiness
1009 Doll Cats Treasure in Bears be Bare
1010 Maiden Cat Treasure in Teacher! It's Spring
1012 Koi Cat Treasure in Love is Sickness
1013 Madam Bride Treasure in The Forbidden Bride
1014 Vacation Queen Treasure in Never Summer
1015 Vengeful Cat Treasure in Ghostly Houseguests
1016 Kung Fu Cat X Treasure in Old Guys about Town
1001 Sports Day Cat Treasure in Autumn = Sports Day!
1003 Salaryman Cat Treasure in Loving Labor
1004 Reindeer Fish Cat Treasure in Jingle Cat Bell

Celebration Event Cats

A few cats in this pool are from events that appear annually, similar to Monthly Events, the others are celebration of different version of the game.

Treasure ID Character's Name How to Unlock
1018 Marshmallow Cat Treasure in Sweetest Sorrow
1019 Cat Kart R Treasure in The Battle Cats POP! Event
1020 Baozi Cat Unreleased in EN and JP versions.
1021 Catburger Treasure in Minced Meet-Up (EN version only)
1022 Pumpcat Treasure in All Hallows Road
1023 A Gift of Cats Treasure in Jolly St. Nick
1025 Awa-Odori Cat Treasure in Summer Diary
1028 Food Stall Cat Treasure in A Cultured Festival
1030 Killer Cat Treasure in Day of the Cat
1032 Eggy Cat Treasure in Spring, Sprang, Sprung

Cyclone Cats

When completing the Cyclone Stages, the player has a chance to unlock these cats. All of them are anti-Metal and most of them can do Critical Hits.

Treasure ID Character's Name How to Unlock
1101 Space Cat Treasure in Crimson Catastrophe
1005 Bronze Cat Treasure in Heaven of Darkness
1102 Rope Jump Cat Treasure in Peerless
1114 Clockwork Cat Treasure in Wrath of Heaven
1116 Hoop Cat Treasure in Sweet Irony
1120 Drumcorps Cat Treasure in Dimension of Despair
1130 Catornado Treasure in Red Sky at Morning
1029 Cheerleader Cat Treasure in The Rolling Dead
Volley Cat Treasure in The 2nd Dimension

Crazed Cats

Crazed Cats are upgraded versions of the Normal Cats that can be unlocked after beating their respective Crazed Cat Stages. Their True Forms can be unlocked by clearing the Manic Cat Stages.

Treasure ID Character's Name How to Unlock
1103 Crazed Cat Treasure in Dark Souls
1104 Crazed Tank Cat Treasure in Absolute Defence
1105 Crazed Axe Cat Treasure in Berserk
1106 Crazed Gross Cat Treasure in Festival Gross
1107 Crazed Cow Cat Treasure in Head Shaker
1108 Crazed Bird Cat Treasure in Flappy Cat
1109 Crazed Fish Cat Treasure in Fish Hell
1110 Crazed Lizard Cat Treasure in Mammals?
1111 Crazed Titan Cat Treasure in Crazy Cats

Collaboration Event Cats

Cat Units exclusive to specific collaborations. Events in italic are not available in the Engllish Version.

Treasure ID Character's Name How to unlock
Cat Princess Treasure in Princess Punt Stage (from Princess Punt Sweets Collaboration Event)
Type 10 Treasure in Hometown Self-Defense Force Collaboration Event
1006 Droid Cat Treasure in Google Android Collaboration Event
1011 Singer Cat Treasure in Final Boss Advent!? Event
1112 Magical Healer Treasure in Merc Storia Collaboration Event
1115 Drury Swordsman Treasure in Dragon League Collaboration Event
1117 Yankee Cat Treasure in Kishidan Collaboration Event
1119 Takuya and Yuki Treasure in Annihilation City Collaboration Event
1121 Hyakutaro Treasure in Metal Slug Defense Collaboration Event
Swordsman Treasure in Castle & Dragon Collaboration Event
1124 Horsemen Cavalry
1125 Ashura
1126 Battle Balloon
1127 Dragon Rider
1128 Pretty Cat
1129 Cyclops
Golem True form can be unlocked in one of the levels of Castle&Dragon collab.
1132 Funghi Treasure in Neo Mushroom Garden Collaboration Event
1133 Futenyan Treasure in Y! Mobile Collaboration Event
1134 Chibi Madoka Treasure in Madoka Magica Collaboration Event
1135 Neko Kyubey
1137 Pikotaro

Treasure in PPAP Collaboration Event

1140 Red-haired Snow Cat Treasure in Annihilation City Collaboration Event

Special Event Cats

Treasure ID Character's Name How to Unlock
1034 Hermit Cat Treasure in Floor 30 of the Heavenly Tower
1035 Squish Ball Cat Treasure in Cats 'Round the World! (Watch and Earn)
? Masked Yulala Treasure in Floor 40 of the Heavenly Tower

Advent Deadly Stages

Treasure ID Character's Name How to Unlock
Catway Treasure in Clionel Ascendant
Express Cat Treasure in River Styx
Little Leaguer Cat Treasure in Queen's Coronation
1031 Curling Cat Treasure in Dead on Debut
Glass Cat Treasure in N-1 Grand Prix
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