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Not to be confused with Legend Rare Cats.

Legend Cats are a type of Special Cat that can be unlocked from the Main Chapters, Legend Stages, and Heavenly Tower. Legend Cats differentiate from other units in their general attributes, which are more in line with Uber Rare Cats or Legend Rare Cats, with higher stats, costs and recharge times. This makes them among the strongest non-gacha units in the game, at least in terms of stats. However, their overall level cap is more restrictive than most other units.

Except for Valkyrie Cat and Bahamut Cat, all Legend Cats are unlocked by clearing a stage that features their enemy counterpart.

Level Caps[]

Level Requirement
Level 10 None
Level 20 Complete Empire of Cats Chapter 2
Level 30 User Rank 1600
Level 40 Catseyes after completing An Ancient Curse
Level 50 Catseyes after completing Revival of Origin

List of Legend Cats[]

The list of Legend Cats is as follows:


When entering an area with Legend Cats, the player will get to see a preview of the next one they can unlock, usually in the form of a silhouette.

*Mecha-Bun's Normal Form, the Heavenly Tower Legends, Jagando Jr. and Ancient Egg: N000 do not have previews.


  • Lowkey's Japanese description states that a fight to the death against Legend Cats resulted in his extinction in modern times.
  • Ururun Wolf, Masked Yulala, Urs & Fenrir and Master Uril have many similarities:
    • Counting Yulala's Japanese name (Urara), their names all start with "Ur".
    • Their Japanese descriptions all start with a quote followed by how they joined the Cat Army, which always includes the word 勝手 (katte, meaning "selfish", "self-serving" or "acting on one's own without asking").
    • Their attack animations all include electricity.
    • All have anti-Relic abilities and Immunity to Curse in at least one of their forms.
  • From Version 3.5 to 5.0, there was unused text meant for a preview of a Super Rare Cat dropped from the final Stories of Legend stage, formatted as: "Stories of Legend Clear Reward|Clear the Stories of Legend for a|chance to get the Super Rare unit |●●●●●●●!"
    • Note that at the time, Ururun Wolf and Li'l Nyandam were the only drop units from Stories of Legend. Ultimately, Mecha-Bun does not have its own preview, is a Legend Cat rather than Super Rare, and is a guaranteed reward, not chance-based.
  • All Legend Cats unlocked from Stories of Legend, Uncanny Legends, or the Heavenly Tower stages are either always Immune to Curse or eventually gain this ability. They also either always have anti-relic abilities or eventually gain them.
  • Moneko and Bean Cats are the only non-Legend Cats unlocked from the Main Chapters.
  • Awakened Bahamut Cat has an unused idle animation that is only seen in the Into the Future Chapter 3 preview.
  • Unlike other Legend Cats, Elder Beast Naala's preview displayed when entering Legend Stages shows its enemy counterpart: one can tell from the shape of its tail and the idol on its back.

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