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Li'l Cats are Special Cats that can be unlocked by playing the Event Capsule, except during certain collaboration events. They are based on the nine Normal Cats obtained at the start of the game, but unlike the Crazed Cats, Li'l Cats are far weaker than their Normal counterparts, giving them very little use outside of Restriction Stages that don't allow Normal and Super Rare units.

Similar to the Crazed Cats, Li'l Cats' True Forms are unlocked by clearing their own Awakening Stages, called Li'l Stages. Each Li'l Stage appears the day before the corresponding Crazed Stage: for example, Li'l Cat Awakens! appears on the 2nd of every month, the day before The Crazed Cat and Cat Maniac. The Li'l True Forms' stats range from moderately weaker to exactly the same as those of their Normal counterparts, but they still become outclassed by the Normal and Crazed Cats. However, most of them gain unique perks which can give them an edge over the Normal/Crazed equivalents in some scenarios, and can all further diverge via Talents.

Level Caps[]

Level Requirement
Level 10 None
Level 20 Complete Empire of Cats Chapter 2
Level 30 User Rank 1600
Level 40 Catseyes
Level 50 Catseyes after completing An Ancient Curse
Level MAX +60 Complete Li'l Cat's Trial to increase level cap from +40 to +60

Li'l Cats[]

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