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Metal Hippoe, the first example of a Metal enemy

Metal Enemies (Japanese: メタルな敵 Metaruna Teki) are a type of Enemy Unit. Metal enemies only receive 1 damage from all attacks, except for Critical Hits, the Waterblast and Metal Killers' attacks. Critical Hits completely ignore the Metal ability, dealing full damage along with the 2x multiplier, while Waterblast and Metal Killers take off a set percentage of Metal enemies' current HP with each hit. Metal enemies are typically short-ranged aggressive pushers with a fast attack rate, and only a handful of units can use abilities on them. Using Critical Hitters is the most reliable way to deal with them, but spamming fast attackers is an alternative against weaker Metals.

See here for a list of units with anti-Metal abilities.


  • Almost all Metal enemies have entirely green eyes.
  • There are no Metal enemies with another trait.
  • Metal is the only trait without an Advent Boss, Colossus, or Behemoth.
  • In Nyanko Defence Force, Jackie Peng had Red, Black and Metal variants that have not appeared in other games.
  • Metal was the only trait from The Battle Cats to also appear in YuruGeGe.
    • A notable quirk of YuruGeGe's Metals was that they could have multiple traits, some examples being Dorotaborg Dk-2 (a Serious/Metal variant of Dorotabō) and Shitetsuki (a Metal/Death variant of an Oni). They still only took 1 damage from non-Critical attacks.
    • All Metals in YuruGeGe had yellow lightbulbs for eyes, along with a flickering red light just like Metal Doge's tail on their head.
  • Metal had a direct equivalent in Kyoutou Project: Steel, which was essentially Metal under a different name.
  • All Metal enemies with descriptions are variants of already-existing enemies.
    • Metal is the only trait where this is the case.
  • Wrath of God ignores the Metal ability.

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