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Metal Hippoe, the first example of a Metal enemy

Metal Enemies (Japanese: メタルな敵 Metaruna Teki) are a type of Enemy Unit. This type of enemy takes one damage from all attacks, except for when said attack is a Critical Hit. They're usually slow with short range, have a fast attack rate, and only a handful of units can use abilities on them. Using Critical Hitters is the most reliable way to deal with them, but spamming fast attackers is an alternative against weaker Metals.


  • Almost all Metal enemies have entirely green eyes.
  • There are no Metal enemies with a secondary trait.
  • Metal is the only trait from The Battle Cats to also appear in Yuru-i GeGeGe no Kitarou: Youkai Dotabata Daisensou.
    • A notable quirk of YuruGeGe's Metals is that they can have multiple traits, some examples being Dorotaborg Dk-2 (a Serious/Metal variant of Dorotabō) and Shitetsuki (a Metal/Death variant of an Oni). They still only take 1 damage from non-Critical attacks.
    • All Metals in YuruGeGe have yellow lightbulbs for eyes, along with a flickering red light just like Metal Doge's tail on their head.
  • Metal had a direct equivalent in Kyoutou Project: Steel, which was essentially Metal under a different name.
  • All Metal enemies that are listed in the Enemy Guide are variants of already-existing enemies.
    • Metal is the only trait where this is the case.
  • Wrath of God ignores the Metal ability.

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