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Relic Doge, the first example of a Relic enemy

Relic Enemies, (古代種 Kodaishu, Ancients or Ancient Species) are a type of Enemy Unit introduced in Uncanny Legends. Their designs always include the color moss green, typically with runes, veins or orbs that glow with a light green/teal energy. In addition to having extremely high stats overall, these enemies can afflict cats with the curse effect, making special abilities that target specific types of enemies (i.e. massive damage, resistant, weaken) useless, causing whatever they support to have a massive advantage. However, the curse effect doesn't nullify Talent Orbs or abilities that don't target enemies by trait (e.g., Critical Hit, extra money, Behemoth Slayer).

See here for a list of units with anti-Relic abilities.


  • Sir Seal, Teacher Bear, Dark Emperor Nyandam and Kory each had multiple Relic variants as Raid Bosses in Nyanko Defence Force.
  • Relic Doge and Haniwanwan are the only Relic enemies whose Curse abilities aren't guaranteed to activate, while Elder Flame Doron is the only one who doesn't curse at all.
  • Relic Doge and Idi:Re are the only Relic enemies to appear in Stories of Legend, both in the Eldritch Forces Invasion.
  • Sir Rel and Haniwanwan are the only Relics to have single-target attacks.
  • Every stage with Relics has a difficulty of at least ★8.
  • Despite being introduced before the Aku trait, Relic came after it in all menus such as the Upgrade Menu until Version 13.3.
  • Relic, Aku and Traitless are the only standard enemy types without Fruit Treasures.
  • The Noise enemies in YuruGeGe served as both an equivalent and foil to Relic enemies.
    • Both specialize in disabling units' trait-specific abilities and are associated with the color green. However, Relics' designs usually include white or gray, while Noise enemies were predominantly black.
    • Thematically, the two traits are opposites. Relics are ancient beings with powers from a bygone era, while Noise enemies were futuristic, digital entities such as computer programs or bugs.
    • Despite being introduced before Virus enemies, Noise came after Virus in the filter, just as Relic was listed after Aku until Version 13.3.

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