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These cats have a chance to instantly break Shields.

List of cats with Shield Piercing

Name Talents required Standing Range Time Between Attacks Ability Chance
Divine Kai Yes 175 10.5s 2.53s animation, 2.5s backswing 100%
Li'l Macho Legs Cat Yes 300 4.17s 0.2s animation, .2s backswing 30%
Akuma Hayabusa Yes 365 4.97s 1.07s animation, 1.5s backswing 40%
Li'l Jamiera Cat Yes 140 1.9s 0.6s animation, .27s backswing 30%
Summoner Satoru / Dark Summoner Satoru No 470 8.7s 3.67s animation, 1.86s backswing 20%
Lilin / Lilin, type π No 350 6.23s 2.13s animation, 2.1s backswing 100%
Hevyjak the Wicked / Wicked King Hevijak No 440 8.3s 3.07s animation, 1.7s backswing 50%
Aku Researcher / Evil Aku Researcher No 400 1.17s 0.2s animation, .27s backswing 15%
Pied Piper Cat / Komuso Cat No 320 2.7s 0.93s animation, .53s backswing 40%
Furilan Paslan No 700 18.23s 0.93s animation, 1.23s backswing 100%
White Knight Cyclops No 460 9.1s 1.5s; 2.8s; 1.93s Multi-hit Attack 50%

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