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This category lists all enemies that first appear in the Stories of Legend game mode. Stories of Legend introduces new types of enemies such as Metal, Black and Angel; this group also includes a few foes that were formerly considered event enemies.

Appearance Pattern[]

No Location Enemies
1 The Legend Begins Metal Hippoe
St. Pigge the 2nd
Doge Dark
2 Passion Land Master A.
3 Glucosamine Desert Celeboodle
4 Swimming Cats Duche
5 Risqué Terrain Otta-smack-u
6 Western Street J.K Bun Bun
7 Sea of Tuna Bore
8 Bamboo Island Shadow Boxer K
Rain D.
9 Squishy Cave Gory Black
10 Volkanos Volcano Kory
11 Neverending Cat Story N/A
12 Castle of Fish
13 Sushi Island Director Kurosawah
14 The Scratching Post N/A
15 Parthenon Metal One Horn
Bun Bun Black
16 Low Tide Beach H. Nah
17 Alcatraz R.Ost
Dober P.D
18 Jail Break Tunnel Sir Metal Seal
Ururun Wolf
19 Capone's Jail Heavenly Hippoe
Angelic Gory
20 Silk Road Ginger Snache
Super Metal Hippoe*
Wall Doge
Sunfish Jones
21 Stairway to Darkness Pigeon de Sable
Dark Otter
Angelic Sleipnir
22 Prince of Darkness Trolly Blogger
Metal Doge
23 Dead End Night Le'noir
Li'l Nyandam
24 Battle Royale Chickful A
25 Scars of War N/A
26 Sea Polluter Capy
27 Body & Soul Mr. Mole
28 Weak & Mildly Acidic CyberFace*
Two Can
Codename "Red Riding"
29 Intrepid Cats Mr. Angel
30 Shadow Cosmopolis Boraphim
31 Galapa-Goth Henry
32 Kombu Cape Li'l Bun Bun
33 Axis of Evil Professor A.
34 Suburbs of the Dead Zoge
Zackie Peng
Zir Zeal
Zang Roo
Lord Gravey
35 Quarantine Isles Big Sal
36 Mouseyland Coffin Zoge
Miss Haka
37 Walk of Fame Inumusha
Doge Base
38 Cutpurse Coast Dolphina
39 Above & Below Cala Maria
40 Windless Island N/A
41 IT Catacombs Croakley
42 Grotesque Gallery Angel Fanboy*
43 Area 22 Youcan
44 Beyond the Savannah Winged Pigge
45 Blizzard Boulevard Hackey
46 Singularityville UltraBaaBaa
47 Ends of the Earth N/A
48 The Legend Ends
49 Laboratory of Relics Mecha-Bun
Relic Doge (Invasion only)
Idi:Re (Invasion only)
*Originally an event enemy

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