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Super Rare Cats (激レアキャラ) are a type of Cat Unit. Most of them can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule (some of them appearing only in specific pools) while others are item drops from special stages.

Level Caps

Level Requirement
Level 10 None
Level 20 Complete Empire of Cats Chapter 2
Level 25 (non-Crazed) User Rank 1000
Level 25 (Crazed) User Rank 3600
Level 30 (non-Crazed) User Rank 1300
Level 30 (Crazed) User Rank 3650
Level 40 Catseyes
Level 50 Catseyes after completing An Ancient Curse
Level MAX +9 None
Level MAX +20 User Rank 2000
Level MAX +30 User Rank 2400
Level MAX +40 User Rank 3200
Level MAX +50 User Rank 4100
Level MAX +60 User Rank 4650
Level MAX +70 User Rank 5900
Metal Cat may not upgrade past level 20 or to + levels.

Rare Cat Capsule Cats


Limited Edition Cats

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Item Drops

Crazed Cats

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Cyclone Stage Rewards

Advent Stage Rewards

Collaboration Event Cats

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