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Doge, the first example of a Traitless enemy

Not to be confused with Typeless Enemies.

Traitless Enemies (属性を持たない敵 Zokusei o Motanai Teki), also known as White Enemies (白い敵 Shiroi Teki), are the first type of Enemy Unit found in-game. Their body is usually white-gray colored. As their name suggests, Traitless enemies belong to their own category, and do not have any traits (Red, Floating, etc.); they can, however, be Colossal, Behemoth or Sage, which aren't considered traits. Their stats are extremely varied, and do not follow any patterns. Despite being the first type of enemy encountered, Traitless enemies can be some of the hardest to deal with, due to the relative scarcity of anti-Traitless Cats.

Most Enemy Cats are Traitless, though there are exceptions.


  • Traitless is the most abundant type in the game, with over 250 enemies as of 13.5.
  • Prior to version 5.10, when this type was more commonly known as "White", many Red, Floating and Black enemies were also Traitless, such as Teacher Bun Bun and Pigge Back. This effectively meant nothing at the time, however, as there were no cats that were specifically anti-Traitless until 5.10.
  • Traitless, Relic and Aku are the only standard enemy types without Fruit Treasures.
    • Traitless is the only one without Talent Orbs that can be obtained; sprites for Traitless Talent Orbs have been in the game data since Version 9.7, but are currently unused.

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