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This category lists all enemies that are introduced in Uncanny Legends. This category also includes some former event enemies, Zapy and the Zombies from Into the Future's Zombie Outbreaks, as their first Legend Stages appearances are in Uncanny Legends.


Location Enemies
A New Legend Relic Bun-Bun
Relic Doge
Here Be Dragons Oldhorn
The Endless Wood Sir Rel
Primeval Currents Othom
Barking Bay Loris
Abyss Gazers Lowkey
Neo-Necropolis M. Ost
Law of the Wildlands Cadaver Bear*
Dread Bore*
Pararila Peninsula N/A
Coup de Chat
Cherry Isles
Depths of My Heart Dogumaru
Ghost Sea N/A
Exile's Resort
Roads of Torment
Heaven's Back Alley
Battle in the Bath Zuche*
The Thrillerz*
Mr. Puffington
Ancient Mountains N/A
Marine Ministry
The Devils' Academy
The Gelatin Mines Urs & Fenrir
Drunken Foundry Gobble
Unearthed Artifacts N/A
Realm of Whyworry St. Dober
Pumping Titanium Li'l Zyclone*
Morningstar Isle Johnnyleon
Relic Doge Base
In the Sleeping Forest Surge Base
Laboratory Island N/A
Forgotten Graves Zollow
Dawn of the Beginning N/A
The Happy Lucky Temple
Theatre of Fear Bore Jr.
Diver's City Raynard
Nasi-Go-Round Mr. Mer
DNA Plantation Ragin' Gory
Ancient Forest Labyrinth Elder Flame Doron
Castle of the Sentinels N/A
Spacetime Distortion Aku Doge
Imminent Disaster N/A
Bikura, Harbor of Evil Miz Devil**
Dead Heat Land Deathkory**
Midnite D.**
Red EnerG
Rose-Colored Road N/A
Behemoth's Peak Ultima Beast Naala
Moodist Beach Zapy*
Li'l Doge
J.J. Jackrabbit
Golem Sunfish
Cat-Chasing Village Haniwanwan

*Originally from Zombie Outbreaks

**Originally an event enemy

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