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This category lists all enemies that are introduced in Uncanny Legends. The Zombies from Into the Future's Zombie Outbreaks are also included here, as their first Legend Stages appearances are in Uncanny Legends.

Appearance Pattern

Location Enemies
Sub-chapter 1 Relic Bun-Bun (Relic)
Relic Doge (Relic)
Sub-chapter 2 Oldhorn (Relic)
Sub-chapter 3 Sir Rel (Relic)
Sub-chapter 4 Othom (Relic/Floating)
Sub-chapter 5 Loris (Relic)
Sub-chapter 6 Lowkey (Relic/Floating)
Sub-chapter 7 M. Ost (Relic)
Sub-chapter 8 Cadaver Bear (Zombie)
Dread Bore (Zombie)
Sub-chapter 9 N/A
Sub-chapter 10
Sub-chapter 11
Sub-chapter 12 Dogumaru (Relic)
Sub-chapter 13 N/A
Sub-chapter 14
Sub-chapter 15
Sub-chapter 16
Sub-chapter 17 Zuche (Zombie)
The Thrillerz (Zombie)
Mr. Puffington (Relic)
Sub-chapter 18 N/A
Sub-chapter 19
Sub-chapter 20
Sub-chapter 21 Urs & Fenrir (Relic)
Croconator (Metal)
Sub-chapter 22 Gobble (Floating)
Sub-chapter 23 N/A
Sub-chapter 24 St. Dober (Angel)
Sub-chapter 25 Li'l Zyclone (Zombie)
Koronium (Metal)
Sub-chapter 26 Johnnyleon (Red/Alien/Zombie)
Relic Doge Base (Enemy Base)
Sub-chapter 27 Surge Base (Enemy Base)
Sub-chapter 28 N/A
Sub-chapter 29 Zollow (Zombie/Floating)
Sub-chapter 30 N/A
Sub-chapter 31
Sub-chapter 32 Bore Jr.
Sub-chapter 33 Raynard (Red)
Sub-chapter 34 Mr. Mer
Sub-chapter 35 Ragin' Gory (Black)
Sub-chapter 36 Elder Flame Doron (Relic)
Sub-chapter 37 N/A
Sub-chapter 38 Aku Doge (Aku)
Sub-chapter 39 N/A
Sub-chapter 40 Miz Devil (Aku)
Medu-san (Aku)
Ackey (Aku)
Sub-chapter 41 Deathkory (Aku)
Midnite D. (Aku)
Red EnerG (Red)

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