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Zoge, the first example of a Zombie enemy

Zombie Enemies (Japanese: ゾンビ Zonbi) are a type of Enemy Unit introduced in Zombie Outbreaks and Legend Stages. Their designs are generally purple, sometimes with white accents. Most are characterized as having above-average stats, short range, low money drops, and two unique abilities: they can Burrow under your front lines to reach your cats behind the lines or even the Cat Base, and they can Revive after being dead for a specific amount of time. The specifics of these abilities vary per enemy.

Zombie Killer Cats prevent any Zombies they land the finishing blow on from reviving, while Soulstrike Cats can target and damage the remains left behind by Zombies between revives. The Holy Blast Cannon has both of these properties in addition to freezing Zombies, dealing a % of their maximum health as damage and forcing all underground Zombies to the surface.

See here for a list of units with anti-Zombie abilities.



  • In Japan, white and purple are the two colors most commonly associated with death.
  • The only time a proper Zombie cat has been shown was in the thumbnail for the third episode of Battle Cats TV, which showed Prof. Cat as a Zombie, coinciding with Version 8.2 and the addition of the "jump to Zombie Outbreak stage" feature.
  • Despite sharing similar colorations, Purple Catfruit existed before Zombies, hence why Growing Purple consists of Black Enemies rather than them.
  • The Thrillerz are the only Zombie enemy to have a burrow limit of 2.
  • Johnnyleon and Bears Be Back are the only Zombie enemies to lack the Revive ability.
    • Despite their inability to revive, the Zombie Killer sound and graphic will play if they are defeated by a cat with that ability.
  • Miss Haka and Big Sal are the only Zombie enemies that are able to Burrow an infinite amount of times.

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