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Catfruit (マタタビ Matatabi, Actinidia) is an item added in version 5.0 of both The Battle Cats and Nyanko Daisensou. This item allows you to evolve certain Cat Units to their True Form using different amounts of Catfruit. This feature is ONLY available after clearing the 3rd chapter of Empire of Cats.


Catfruit is a drop-chance item obtainable by clearing related Growing Stages that appear in Legend Stages for a period of time. Catfruit is separated into two tiers of rarities, Seeds and Fruit, with nine different types: Green, Purple, Red, Blue, Yellow, Epic, Aku, Elder and Gold.

Catfruit Seed as the first tier.

Catfruit as the second tier.

Each of the main five Catfruit colours has only one related map; each day, only one of these maps appears. Ergo, there are five chapters for each colour which fills five days in a week. The only exception is Catfruit Jubilee, which can appear randomly after completing a Growing stage. Other Catfruit types tend to have more peculiar schedules for their stages. Each map consists of enemies of certain type. The maps appear in a cycle as follows:

Green actinidia.png
Seed green.png
Green Catfruit (緑マタタビ, Midori Matatabi)
Floating Enemies
Can be obtained from "Growing Green" every Monday
Purple actinidia.png
Seed purple.png
Purple Catfruit (紫マタタビ, Murasaki Matatabi)
Black Enemies
Can be obtained from "Growing Purple" every Tuesday
Red actinidia.png
Seed red.png
Red Catfruit (赤マタタビ, Aka Matatabi)
Red Enemies
Can be obtained from "Growing Red" every Wednesday
Blue actinidia.png
Seed blue.png
Blue Catfruit (青マタタビ, Ao Matatabi)
Alien Enemies
Can be obtained from "Growing Blue" every Thursday
Yellow actinidia.png
Seed yellow.png
Yellow Catfruit (黄マタタビ, Ki Matatabi)
Angel Enemies
Can be obtained from "Growing Yellow" every Friday
Catfruit icon.png
Epic Catfruit Seed.png
Epic Catfruit (虹マタタビ, Niji Matatabi, Rainbow Actinidia)
Enemy type varies but usually includes multiple types of enemies and/or Metal Enemies.
Epic Catfruit (not Seeds) can be obtained from any Growing stage (except Growing Strange and Growing Evil) at a moderate chance.
After completing An Ancient Curse, Epic Catfruit and Epic Catfruit Seeds can be obtained from "Growing Epic" for a few hours every weekend (see article for schedule).
Seed aku.png
Aku Catfruit (悪マタタビの, Aku Matatabi, Evil Actinidia)
Aku Enemies
Can be obtained from "Growing Evil" on all days of the week (available for a few hours each day; see article for schedule)
Only available after completing Unleasing the Cats
Elder CatFruit Seed.png
Elder Catfruit (古代マタタビ, Kodai Matatabi, Ancient Actinidia)
Almost all traits
Can be obtained from "Growing Strange" on all days of the week (available for a few hours each day; see article for schedule)
Only available after completing Stories of Legend
Gold Catfruit (金マタタビ, Kimu Matatabi, Gold Actinidia)
Cat Shrine, Infernal Tower
Gold Catfruit (not Seeds) can rarely be obtained as a Cat Shrine reward when donating 1,000,000 XP or at a guaranteed chance on your 30th 1,000,000 XP donation. Stage 49 of The Aku Realms also drops one when cleared for the first time.
The only source of Gold Catfruit Seeds as of 11.2 is Floor 30 of the Infernal Tower, which drops one.

Stage Explanations


Each of the five main "Growing" maps consists of three stages of progressive difficulties. The higher the difficulty of the stage, the higher the tier, number or magnification of enemies/bosses. However, higher difficulties also have a higher chance to obtain a better tier of Catfruit and to face Catfruit Jubilee when the player clear the initial stage. Catfruit Jubilee does not allow the player to bring any items except for Speed Ups and forces the player to use the last formation from the previous stage, as it is a Continuation Stage. The chance of obtaining a Catfruit of any kind from the stages are as follows:

Stage Difficulty Chances
Seed Catfruit Epic Catfruit Nothing
Stage 1 Hard 59.5% 30% 0.9% 9.6%
Stage 2 Expert 43.5% 45% 1.5% 10%
Stage 3 Insane 26% 60% 3% 11%
Catfruit Jubilee (from Hard) Not rated 38% 27% 35% 0%
Catfruit Jubilee (from Expert) Not rated 9.5% 40.5% 50% 0%
Catfruit Jubilee (from Insane) Not rated 4.5% 25.5% 70% 0%
  • Entering Catfruit Jubilee does not use any energy, so always give it a try!
  • The drop rates in Catfruit Jubilee vary, depending on the stage it was accessed from (Hard, Expert, or Insane).
  • You can only obtain one drop per stage.

Catfruit Buffet

Catfruit Buffet is a gauntlet of all of the daily Growing stages. After beating one stage, you may enter the next, until all five Catfruit stages have been beaten. After that, you may enter Catfruit Jubilee. These stages can be played in Hard, Expert, or Insane difficulty. Entering the gauntlet costs only 500 energy, as opposed to the 1,000 energy it would take to beat all 5 Catfruit stages individually.

Growing Strange

At first glance, Growing Strange only contains one stage, An Elder Secret. However, when the aforementioned stage is cleared, one of seven other levels will be accessible, similar to Catfruit Jubilee. Although they have the same difficulty rating, these stages are considered to be far more difficult than the first one. The first level contains every trait (excluding Aku and Relic), while the others contain one trait each. The chances for each type of drop are as follows:

Stage Difficulty Chances
Seed Catfruit
Stage 1 Merciless 0% 0%
Secret Merciless 99% 1%

Growing Epic

Growing Epic works somewhat like Growing Strange, with one main stage (Spectrum of Truth) followed by a single Continuation Stage: Miracle Iris, which has a 40% chance to appear.

This is the ONLY way to get an Epic Catfruit Seed outside of Heavenly Tower, Infernal Tower and certain Gauntlets.

Stage Difficulty Chances
Seed Catfruit
Stage 1 Deadly 0% 100%
Secret Deadly 100% 0%

Growing Evil

Growing Evil has four ordinary stages that get progressively harder. Unlike other Catfruit stages, these can only drop Seeds, with the final stage having a chance to drop two of them.

Stage Difficulty Chances
1 Seed 2 Seeds Nothing
Stage 1 Insane 5% 0% 95%
Stage 2 Deadly 10% 0% 90%
Stage 3 Deadly 100% 0% 0%
Stage 4 Merciless 80% 20% 0%

Catfruit Storage and Functions

Upon obtaining a Catfruit, it will be saved in the Catfruit Storage.

You can access the Catfruit Storage by toggling the storage switch. The button is on the upper-right corner of the Storage screen and is only available after clearing certain requirements before!!

The Catfruit Storage has an interface and functions more or less the same as the Cat Storage. To exchange Catfruit into XP or convert Seeds to Catfruit, one must tap on the desired Catfruit in the Catfruit Storage. When five Catfruit Seeds of the same type are obtained you can elect to combine or 'grow' them into one Catfruit of the same colour.

Drawing small circles with your finger or holding it still on the screen for a short time will temporarily organize your Catfruit into as many as nine type separated clusters, dependent on how many types of seed/fruit you have.

Messy Catfruit StorageSorted Catfruit Storage

Seeds position themselves in front of their corresponding Fruits, except for Epic Fruit/Seeds which do the opposite.

Exchange Catfruit for XP

Catfruit of any kind can be exchanged for XP, as detailed in the table below.

It should be noted that merging Seeds into Catfruit (with the exception of Epic and Gold Seeds) will always yield more XP than selling them individually.

Catfruit Seed Exchange for XP Catfruit Exchange for XP
Seed green.png
Green actinidia.png
Seed purple.png
Purple actinidia.png
Seed red.png
Red actinidia.png
Seed blue.png
Blue actinidia.png
Seed yellow.png
Yellow actinidia.png
Epic Catfruit Seed.png
Catfruit icon.png
Seed aku.png
Elder CatFruit Seed.png

Evolving Units Using Catfruit

The main usage of Catfruit is to unlock certain units' True Forms. Each unit requires different amounts of Catfruit along with XP to evolve. The requirements for each relevant cat are listed in their respective wiki pages.

Different units require different amounts and types of Catfruit. Most Cats use the most of the Catfruit colour which is obtained from defeated the enemy type they are strong against if applicable. Artist Cat → Ramen Cat is a good example. Artist Cat's evolutionary line is good against Angels as he resists their attacks, thus, Artist Cat needs the most amount of Yellow Catfruit to evolve as Yellow Catfruit is obtained by defeating Angels.

Catfruittutor en.png



  • There are actually 21 kinds of Catfruit; 3 of the types are not used in-game. When revealed in game, the unused types only show as white circle with kanji "仮" written over which means "temporary" in BCJP or as black boxes in other versions. When exchanged they give 500,000 XP each.
  • The Catfruit Storage can hold a maximum of 128 Catfruit items. Attempting to play a Catfruit stage will result in the player getting a message saying that they must exchange Catfruit for XP/grow Catfruit Seeds.
    • It is still possible to get slightly more Catfruit items by having 127 and obtaining 2 from a stage, such as any Growing stage that leads to Catfruit Jubilee or Heavenly Tower.
  • Prior to version 6.9, growing Catfruit Seeds into Catfruit required 10 seeds instead of 5. This is the reason why seeds for normal fruits sell for 1/10 the XP and not 1/5.
  • Epic Catfruit Seeds were originally exclusive to the PC version, where their only purpose was to grow them into Epic Catfruit. Additionally, they had a slightly different design.
  • Epic Catfruit Seeds were added to The Battle Cats in version 8.6, but were unobtainable until version 9.1.
  • Elder/Aku Catfruit Seeds can only be exchanged for 5,000 XP each, despite the Elder/Aku Catfruit exchange rate being 500,000 XP. This could be an oversight since Epic Catfruit Seeds sell for 100,000 XP.
  • There is a typo in the Catfruit informational page, listing Epic Catfruit as "Uver rare" instead of "Uber rare".
  • Ironically, Epic and Gold Catfruit Seeds are rarer than their fully grown counterparts.
  • There was no such thing as Zombies when Purple Catfruit was added, hence why Growing Purple consists of Black Enemies.
  • On the off chance you are able to obtain Elder Catfruit from Growing Strange before clearing the 3rd chapter of Empire of Cats, you will be able to unlock Stories of Legend drop units' True Forms without access to the Catfruit Storage. No other exceptions to this rule are known.

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