Catnip Challenges, Cat Mission (にゃんこミッション, nyanko misshon), or simply Missions is a new feature that was added in update 6.2 of the game. This feature can be accessed from the Cat Base Menu at any time.


By completing certain tasks, the player can gain various prizes. The Missions feature is located in the Cat Base Menu, where the Catclaw Dojo icon was previously.

List of Missions

There are 3 tabs of missions called Main (メイン), Weekly (ウィークリー) and Special (スペシャル)


Main missions have no time limit, they can be done and the rewards can be received at any time. These missions can only be done once. As of 6.7, there are 22 Main Missions, listed in 6 pages:

Number Task Reward
1 Tap the "Power Up!" button to upgrade a Cat. Cat Food +20
2 Clear the first 7 stages of the Empire of Cats, Cat Food +20
3 10 User Rank up. Cat Food +20
4 Log in to get 1 Silver Ticket Cat Food +20
5 Get 1 Gamatoto helper Cat Food +20
6 Use Cat Combo to clear a Stage Cat Food +20
7 Play a Dojo Stage Cat Food +20
8 Upgrade a Normal Cat to their True Form Cat Food +20
9 Clear Stage 7: Japan/Fukuoka of the Empire of Cats Cat Food +20
10 Clear Stage 11: India/Kagawa of the Empire of Cats Cat Food +20
11 Clear Stage 16: Madagascar/Shimatori of the Empire of Cats Cat Food +20
12 Clear Stage 23: Greece/Shiga of the Empire of Cats Cat Food +20
13 Clear Stage 32: Greenland/Niigata of the Empire of Cats Cat Food +20
14 Clear Stage 39: Argentina/Ibaraki of the Empire of Cats Cat Food +20
15 Clear Stage 45: Hollywood/Aomori of the Empire of Cats Cat Food +20
16 Clear Chapter 1 of the Empire of Cats Cat Food +50
17 Clear Chapter 2 of the Empire of Cats Cat Food +50
18 Clear Chapter 3 of the Empire of Cats Cat Food +100
19 Clear Chapter 1 of the Into the Future Cat Food +50
20 Clear Chapter 2 of the Into the Future Cat Food +50
21 Clear Chapter 3 of the Into the Future Cat Food +100
22 Clear Chapter 1 of the Cats of the Cosmos Cat Food +100
23 Clear Chapter 2 of the Cats of the Cosmos Cat Food +100
*Only the first 7 missions need to be done again, if the player already made progress in the EoC and ItF, the rewards will be available to receive automatically.

Weekly and Monthly

Weekly missions are available for 7 days from Monday (start from 00:00) to Sunday (end at 23:59). Whilst monthly goes for 30 days. The weekly missions will resets at 23:59 on Sunday, whilst the monthly would be set after a month at 23:59. All Rewards must be received before the deadline or else they will be lost.

Number Task Reward
1 Clear Cat Ticket Stages 3 times XP +100,000
2 Clear XP Reward Stages 5 times Cat Ticket +1
3 Clear 10 Stories of Legend Stages Cat Ticket +1
4 Clear Catfruit Stages 5 times. Cat Ticket +1
5 Send out Gamatoto 10 times XP +100,000
6 Clear 4 Weekly Missions Cat Food +30


These are missions that works in conjunction with limited-time events such as Collaboration events. Rewards must be collected within the time limit. There is one Special mission in 6.2.


  • Cat Ticket Guerrilla Stages include:
  • XP Guerrilla Stages include:

Weekly Mission is the mission of the week. You can get reward from Weekly Mission after you clearing all weekly task (like play XP Guerrilla Stages 5 times, play Cat Ticket Guerrilla Stages 3 times) and after you have been clearing those stages, you will get the reward for Weekly Mission.


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