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Cats of a Common Sea (われら海の猫, Warera Umi no Neko, We Are Cats of the Sea) is the 6th sub-chapter of Zero Legends, and the 104th sub-chapter overall. It was introduced in Version 12.6 and is available up to 1♛ difficulty.


This sub-chapter is overall more difficult than New World Ehen, containing some fairly difficult stages. The last stage in particular is the most challenging, as it contains the deadly combination of both Cruel Angel Clionel and Cli-One.

New Features[]

This sub-chapter introduces 2 enemies to Zero Legends:

  • Mega Baa Baa: A Traitless/Colossal variant of Baa Baa appearing at 200% strength magnification. It has decent health, high damage, copies any Surges that hit it, and attacks by rolling into cats from 200 range, hitting three times with single-target Omni Strikes.
  • Cruel Angel Clionel: A purely Angel variant of Cli-One originally introduced in Clionel Ascendant. She has extreme Long Distance attacks, health and damage, as well as a 30% chance to slow cats that survive her attacks for 4 seconds. She has a fairly wide blind spot, however, so units that can make it through and get within 399 range of her can easily inflict high damage, assuming there's nothing in the way.

List of Stages[]

Mapname005 nd en Mapname005 nd ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stage 1 Mapsn005 00 nd en Ōshio no Nagisa Spring Tide Shore 250 EnergyIcon
Stage 2 Mapsn005 01 nd en Gurēto Bariafurī Great Barrier-free 230 EnergyIcon
Stage 3 Mapsn005 02 nd en Fukahire Shutsubotsu Kaiiki Shark Fin Sea 220 EnergyIcon
Stage 4 Mapsn005 03 nd en Kaitei 2 Mairu 2 Miles Deep 200 EnergyIcon
Stage 5 Mapsn005 04 nd en Suichū-dōkutsu no Seitaikei Underwater Cave Ecosystem 100 EnergyIcon
Stage 6 Mapsn005 05 nd en Shinkai Genkai no Saki Ni Beyond the Limits of Deep Sea 260 EnergyIcon

Material Drop Rates

None Brick Z
Brick Z small
Feathers Z
Feather Z small
Coal Z
Coals Z small
Sprockets Z
Sprockets Z small
Gold Z
Gold Z small
Meteorite Z
Meteorite Z small
Beast Bones Z
Beast Bones Z small
Ammonite Z
Relic Fossil Z small
33% 8% 16% 5% 5% 13% 16% 3% 0%


  • Cats of a Common Sea's Japanese name, Warera Umi no Neko (われら海の猫, "We Are Cats of the Sea"), is a pun on the children's song "Ware wa Umi no Ko" (われは海の子, "I Am a Kid of the Sea").
  • All six stages contain aquatic or semiaquatic animals, including hippos, garden eels, squid, ducks, seals, sea otters and sea angels.


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