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Cats of the Cosmos is the third saga in The Battle Cats and is unlocked after the player has completed Chapter 1 of Into the Future. Like the previous sagas, it contains 3 Chapters, each with 48 stages. Unlike the previous sagas, however, Zombie Outbreaks do not appear upon completion. Cats of the Cosmos features most of the enemies introduced in Into the Future, as well as some new enemies and Stories of Legend enemies.

The main gimmick of this saga is the introduction of "Starred" Alien Enemies, which are unaffected by the anti-Alien crystal Treasures from Into the Future. Starred Aliens have a 1,600% strength magnification by default, which can only be reduced by collecting the Treasures in Cats of the Cosmos.

Chapter 1 was added in the Version 6.5 Update, Chapter 2 was added in the Version 7.2 Update and Chapter 3 was released in the Version 8.3 Update. No Treasure Festivals are officially scheduled on the weekly event chart yet and may only appear during special events, such as Meow Meow Day.


As its name suggests, Cats of the Cosmos has the Cats invading the cosmos and encountering more Aliens, presumably using the rocket mentioned at the end of Into the Future. The ending reveals that the narrator of Cats of the Cosmos was Cat God and that the Cats and Aliens have discussed time travel, mind control and "all kinds of obscure technical topics" with each other. It also suggests moving onward to the realm of legend, referring to Legend Stages (although Legend Stages is unlocked earlier).


New Years Day, 20XX. On the way home, I began to wonder...
How many years had it been since the Great Cat War began? And yet, it feels like I never hear from you anymore. Not even on my birthday.
The cat's meow... out-of-this-world... most righteous... top-shelf... king of the hill... the big cheese...
No words can express the awesomeness that is me.
I guess people are just afraid to get too close to true perfection?
But wait... I just thought of something!!
Could it be? Am I asking for too much from you, my lovely believers?
My bad (lol)
I heard that lately the most popular holiday destination is outer space. All the celebs are going.
For some reason everyone is totally fascinated with Alien fashion. It's the biggest fad of 20XX.
You didn't hear it from me, but the radiance of the Alien empire reaches even my neighborhood.
Well, those space guys still can't compete with my glory, of course.
It gets pretty exhausting, being followed around by crowds of stylish people begging for your attention. Such is my burden...
The question I get asked most: "Where are your trousers?" But telling would spoil the surprise.
Here's some big news. I just passed by the Cats who headed out into deep space.
They had some really important information for all of you.
Those Aliens... they're actually not such bad guys after all! They're just normal folks like you might run into in your hometown
Still, the Cats have to invade somewhere. And so, the next adventure of The Battle Cats begins now!!!


And do... The Cat Empire achieved total domination of the entire universe.
A splendid galactic federation by the Cats, for the Cats. The cosmos achieved total peace, and unlimited cat food for all.
... that's the official story, but the reality is a little different. Everyone's daily life didn't actually change one bit.
The one weird thing is that all constellations now look like cats. Cats, and only cats.
Or maybe its just me?
Actually, I was at a New Years Party for the Cat Army and Alien Empire. I only went to be polite, but...
These Cats and Aliens just turned their backs and ignored me, At some point, the world went blurry...
I must have had one seltzer too many
because when I came to I was alone.
Actually, I think that was nice of them not to wake me, because I felt very well rested for a week after.
Oh yeah, that's right.
I was free one Tuesday, so I went to the battlefield with the Cat Army to kill some time.
I haven't had such a good time since grade school gym class.
What, you believed me? Of course I'm not serious.
Well, as the Cat God, I can't just leave those guys to lose, right?
And you... you did great, kid. I'm going to grant your dearest wishes. No, not that one, you creep.
You'll see what I mean. Anyhow.
Congratulations to The Battle Cats!
Thank You Battle Cats!
Onward... to the realm of legends!
Thank you for playing!!

New Features

"Starred" Aliens

This saga introduces a variant of the Aliens that can be identified by a yellow star badge on a part of their bodies. Even though they are categorized as Aliens, the Crystal Treasures collected in Into the Future don't affect them. They initially have a 1600% strength magnification. Collecting all Superior anti-Starred Alien Treasures in a Cats of the Cosmos chapter will reduce their stats by 500% each (1,600% - 1,100% - 600% - 100%).

Starred Aliens introduced in Chapter 1:

Starred Aliens introduced in Chapter 2:

Starred Aliens introduced in Chapter 3:


For the full article, see Treasure.

This saga expands the series of "elemental" fruits that increase the effectiveness of certain abilities against a particular type of enemy. Titanium Fruit (Metal), Antimatter Fruit (Zombie) and Enigma Fruit (Alien) are available to collect here as well as Treasure to increase XP earned, max Cat Energy and five sets of Treasure for weakening the Starred Aliens. The last treasure on the list is needed to weaken the final boss of the chapter.


For the full article, see Special Abilities.

This saga introduces the Warp, Warp Blocker, Barrier and Barrier Breaker abilities. Enemies with the Warp ability have a chance to bring one or a group of Cats they hit backward or forward a specific distance after an amount of time; Cats with the Warp Blocker ability will ignore this effect; Enemies with the Barrier ability are able to ignore any damage that is weaker than the limit of their Barrier as well as any status effects that would be inflicted by those attacks. Each enemy has a Barrier with different limit and it is not affected by strength magnification. If a single attack deals more damage to a Barrier than the Barrier’s health value (including additional damage from abilities such as Massive Damage or Savage Blow), the Barrier will break. After breaking the Barrier, the enemy is vulnerable to all attacks and status effects; Cats with the Barrier Breaker ability have either a percentage chance or are guaranteed to break Barriers, without having to deal higher damage than the Barrier limit.


This saga introduces new restrictions. Every 3 stages has different restrictions, with a few exceptions. The restrictions are as listed:

  • Normal, Rare, Super Rare, Uber Rare, Legend Rare Cats only
  • Cats with ≥300¢ deployment cost
  • MAX number of 20 Cats
  • Only deploy Cats in the first row
  • Normal, Special, Uber Rare, Legend Rare Cats only
  • Cats with ≤4,000¢ deployment cost
  • Special, Rare, Super Rare Cats only
  • Cats with ≤1,200¢ deployment cost
  • MAX number of 15 Cats
  • Special Cats only
  • Cats with ≥1,200¢ deployment cost
  • MAX number of 10 Cats
  • Special, Rare, Uber Rare, Legend Rare Cats only


  • Like all other main chapters, there are 48 stages, each with a Treasure to obtain. The 48 different stages are named after real stars, nebulae, planets, a black hole and some fictional planets.
  • Most stages have special requirements, such as no Special Cats, or only cats with a price over 300.
  • Note: This space chapter is not the same as the one in The Battle Cats POP!.

Chapter 1: Beyond the Exosphere


  • The Boss of this chapter is The Cat God, with non-stop waves of Starred Alien peons.
  • Players unlock a 70% discount on all of The Cat God's miracles upon completion.

Chapter 2: The Passion of Catgod


  • Old Starred Aliens not introduced in this chapter have a strength magnification of 131%-300%.
  • The Boss of this chapter is Cat God (Cool Dude), with stronger waves of Starred Alien peons.
  • Players unlock Cat God the Great upon completion.

Chapter 3: Even Stars Burn Out


  • Old Starred Aliens not introduced in this chapter have a strength magnification of 150%-2500%.
  • Starred Aliens introduced in this chapter have a strength magnification of 100%-900%.
  • The Boss of this chapter is Final Boss Giga-God (Cool Dude), with even stronger waves of Starred Aliens.
  • Players receive 150 Cat Food along with a Platinum Ticket upon completion.
  • After completing this chapter, there will be a bonus stage where Filibuster Obstructa will appear. Once the stage is completed, the player will unlock Filibuster Cat X.

Cats of the Cosmos Stages and Treasures

Stellar Garnet

Attacks against Starred Aliens are much more powerful!




1 Earth Humanity
2 Mars Martian Ruins
3 Jupiter Gasses
4 Saturn Mystery Rings
5 Venus Gilded Stone

Phoebe Beryl

Attacks against Starred Aliens are much more powerful!

Stage Location Treasure
10 Triton Nitrogen
11 Pluto Darkness
12 Red Rectangle Geometry
13 Eskimo Nebula Parka
14 Catseye Nebula Glint

Lunar Citrine

Attacks against Starred Aliens are much more powerful!


Location Treasure
19 Canopus Keel
20 Vega Zither
21 Aldebaran Bull
22 Betelgeuse Orion's Belt
23 Deneb Swan

Ganymede Topaz

Attacks against Starred Aliens are much more powerful!

Stage Location Treasure
28 Buutara Humanoids
29 Moskandag Hope
30 Corona Pop Idol
31 Soba IV Tangy Sauce
32 Plumpit Pickled Veggies

Callisto Amethyst

Attacks against Starred Aliens are much more powerful!

Stage Location Treasure
37 Aguham Spaceship
38 Somolon Confetti
39 Ababwa Mushrooms
40 Titan Ominous Face
41 Skelling The Force

Titanium Fruit

Anti-Metal abilities have increased effect!

Stage Location Treasure
6 Mercury Water
7 Sun Sunspot
8 Uranus Purple Clock
9 Neptune Trident

Antimatter Fruit

Anti-Zombie abilities have increased effect!

Stage Location Treasure
15 Egg Nebula Yolk
16 Calabash Nebula Gourd
17 Altair Hawk
18 Sirius Big Dog

Enigma Fruit

Anti-Alien abilities have increased effect!

Stage Location Treasure
24 Cosmic Lounge Antennae
25 Sighter's Star Forehead
26 Kaiou Dad Jokes
27 Magellanic Milky Way

Dark Matter

Maximum energy total is increased!

Stage Location


33 Darararah Moon Rocks
34 Thanxbye Space Colony
35 Mertoz Cross
36 Urura Crescent Moon


XP received from battle increased!

Stage Location Treasure
42 Gorigori Monkey Gang
44 Crimson Star Cool Dude
46 Andromeda Mythology
48 The Big Bang Origin

Mystery Mask

A strange effect will activate when Ch. 1/2/3 is cleared!

Stage Location Treasure
43 Broton Transmission
45 N77 Nebula 3 Minutes
47 Black Hole Spacetime

Note: The Mystery Mask does not unlock a mysterious effect when the chapter is cleared, but rather weaken the chapter's final boss to 100%, as without it he will be buffed to 1100%.

Splash Texts

  • Gather treasure so you can clear Chapter 2!
  • Get the treasure of Now!
  • All treasure collected! Niiiiice!
  • Treasure Festival on now!!
  • Treasure drop rate raised! Now's the time go for it!
  • Half-Energy Event!! On now in Ch. 1!
  • Play stages in Ch. 1 for 1/2 Energy cost!
  • Half-Energy Event!! On now in Ch. 2!
  • Play stages in Ch. 2 for 1/2 Energy cost!
  • Half-Energy Event!! On now in Ch. 3!
  • Play stages in Ch. 3 for 1/2 Energy cost!
  • Half-Energy Event!! On now in Ch. 1 + 2!
  • Stages in Ch. 1 or 2 cost 1/2 Energy!
  • Half-Energy Event!! On now in Ch. 1 + 3!
  • Stages in Ch. 1 or 3 cost 1/2 Energy!
  • Half-Energy Event!! On now in Ch. 2 + 3!
  • Stages in Ch. 2 or 3 cost 1/2 Energy!
  • Half-Energy Event!! On now!
  • Stages cost 50% Energy! More battles!!! Let's go!
  • Power up in the Future to conquer the Cosmos!
  • Space has crazy tough enemies everywhere!
  • Invade the invaders!
  • Cosmos Ch. 1 CLEARED!
  • Can you get all Ch. 2 treasures?
  • Get Ch. 2 treasures for cool rewards!
  • Do your best to get all Ch. 2 treasures!
  • Get all treasures from Into the Future chapters!
  • Get Cosmos treasures FOR VICTORY!
  • Cosmos Ch. 3 CLEARED!
  • More treasures await in Ch. 3!
  • Getting all treasures that's the trick!
  • Get all Cosmos Treasure!
  • Half-Off Energy Only Now!
  • Cats now rule the Galaxy! Congrats!


  • Many of the enemy bases and Treasure names in this saga are pop culture references.
  • Most of the stage names and individual Treasure names are reused from Chapter 3 of The Battle Cats POP!.
  • Most anti-Starred Alien Treasures were named with a format "natural satellites, gemstone", e.g. "Phoebe Beryl" is named after Phoebe, a moon of Saturn and Beryl, a gemstone that has a golden colored variant. The sole exception is "Stellar Garnet" in which Stellar means "star". The only thing connecting it to moons is that moons can be found by stellar occultation (solar eclipse).