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Cheerful Dawn is the second stage in Island of Hidden Treasure.



Strategy 1[]

Lineup: Manic Mohawk Cat, Eraser Cat, Sanzo Cat, Necro-Dancer Cat, Cameraman Cat, Fishman Cat, Octopus Cat, Awakened Bahamut Cat, Awakened Ururun


  • Money is scarce here, so if you are using Uber Super Rares, prioritize cheap ones over expensive ones.
  • Thunderbolt Cannon works best here, but any other Cat Cannon is also effective (minus Waterblast, Holy Blast, and Curseblast.)

Start the battle by luring the first Pigeon de Sables to your base, then use Fishman Cat to make quick work of the Pigeon de Sable. A Level 32 Fishman Cat can defeat one of them in a single attack, but it should still be fine if it's underleveled. Spawn Octopus Cat right after Fishman Cat's attack, as well as Sanzos, Cameramen and a Necro-Dancer.

Once the first Teacher Bun Bun spawns, deploy your meatshields and the rest of your support units and begin for a fight. Sanzo Cat and Necro-Dancer Cat should be preventing the Teacher Bun Bun from attacking very often, and Cameraman Cat and Fishman Cat are great attackers. Your meatshields and Octopus Cat will protect these units from being attacked. If you find that Teacher Bun Bun is under control, you can deploy meatshields less frequently and focus on deploying attacker units.

Once you have enough money, spawn Awakened Bahamut. There is a chance that you may not deploy another expensive attacker unit, depending on the strength of your army. If the second Teacher Bun Bun appears, don't fret; just keep spawning more meatshields and support units. The rest shouldn't be too challenging, so good luck!


Video Player Notes

Accessible Sky Cradle Cheese