Christmas in Space (宇宙からもクリスマスが来た!) is the December Lucky Ticket G event and a continuation of Jingle Cat Bell. The new enemy introduced in this event is Satan Claus, an Alien variant of Dark Emperor Santa.

Christmas in Space


● Do you hear that? Footsteps on the roof! And someone's coming down the chimney of the Cat Base!
But wait... that's no sleigh up there... it's a UFO?!?!
Head to Legend Stages during this event to take on the new Special Stage map "Christmas in Space"!
Time to defend earth from ANOTHER fake St. Nick from the stars!
Available December 16th (11:00am) thru December 31st (10:59am)!
Clear the stage to earn a new class of Lucky Tickets, the coveted "Lucky Tickets G"! Head to the normal capsule and choose the Lucky Capsules G mode to use your rewards and pick up tons of XP and valuable special items! Later stages in Christmas in Space will have a higher drop rate for more ticket rewards at once!
※"Christmas in Space" is available once Empire of Cats Ch 3 has been cleared.
※If stages for this event does not appear, please update your Battle Cats app to the most recent version and restart the app.

List of Levels

English Version Japanese Version
Stage 1 That's Not Santa... おじさんがサタンだよ
Stage 2 Jingle Hell ジングルヘル
Stage 3 Not-so-Silent Night 聖夜に降る隕石
Stage 4 Present Hunters プレゼントハンター
Stage 5 Cosmic Xmas メリークリスマスユニバース!


English Version

Japanese Version


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