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NOTE: Classifications should only be applied on Revival of Bahamut-Cat's Moon and beyond.

Classification is an unofficial method that assigns Cat Units to a Class and define their general role in the game.

Ultima Galaxy Cosmo is undoubtedly a Super-Backliner, and since his Freeze on Floating & Angels is about as impressive as his long attack range, he is also a Crowd-Controller.

Classification is highly dependent on interpreting units' stats, as relatively stronger traits will be preferred in order to obtain a fair judgement.

Some Cat Units fit comfortably into 2 classes, such as Ultima Galaxy Cosmo, with the "Super-Backliner" and "Crowd-Controller" classes. However, most units only fit into one standard based on their range.

Different forms may also change a unit's class entirely. For example, Mighty Lord Gao is a unit with high range and remarkable stats, which could be given a wider phrase like "attacker." Despite his range and notable stats, Gao fits more into the Backliner class; whereas Baby Gao has lower range and lower stats, but has a lot shorter cooldown, requiring a reclassification into Midranger.

The greatest example of a Classification change can be seen from the Tales of the Nekoluga Gacha event: its Ubers and Legend Rare are all completely unusable before being upgraded into their Evolved Form, where most become Backliners or Super-Backliners.

Note that classes are mostly irrelevant until the third Moon of Empire of Cats, where enemies start to become threats. In Empire of Cats, enemies are so weak that most cats can perform any role, and access to cats with some classes is limited anyway. The first stage in the game where classes are applicable is Empire of Cats chapter 3, where the first threatening enemy is seen.

Due to there being a complete revamp of Classifications, it is recommended and supported for you to help us re-classify our Cats. The page most relevant to this is the Cat Release Order, where you can observe all Cat Units, the majority of whom have not been reclassified yet.

Range Classifications

A unit must have one range classification and only one range classification.

Melee (240~ range or less): e.g. Awakened Bahamut Cat, Can Can Cat, Octopus Cat...
Midranger (250-370~ range): e.g. Immortal Keiji, Pizza Cat, Cyborg Cat...
Backliner (400-480~ range): e.g. Crazed Bahamut Cat, Immortal Masamune, Dragon Cat...
Super-Backliner (500~ range or more): e.g. Schoolbus Nyandam, Megaphrodite, Assassinalan Pasalan...

Main Role Classifications

You can list multiple of these if the unit fits multiple roles. If a unit fits none of these roles (e.g. Dark Cat, who is not a nuker, rusher, tanker, waver, etc.) then leave it with only the range classification.

Windy has very high damage against Floating enemies, and thus is able to nuke Teacher Bun Bun.

Nukers are typically units with a slow attack rate, and they always have extreme damage per hit. They often have a damage-boosting ability against one or more traits. Examples include:

Divine Kai has extremely high health and attack power, and can even tank hits from non-Floating rather well.

Rushers are extremely fast units, typically with short cooldowns, full backswing animation, high speed, and short/mid range. They often have high damage per hit and are able to do lots of damage quickly. Examples include:

Tankers are units who have extremely high HP and durability, as well as a short cooldown. They are used for taking hits from enemies without being kbed, typically on stages where meatshields fall short. They often have a Resist ability against one or more traits and many of them have great attack power. Examples include:

Although Tankers tend to have melee range, some of them (such as King Gamereon), have Midranger or even Backliner range. These units are often referred to as Ranged Tanks; they tend to have longer cooldowns than other tanks and can synergize better with meatshields.

Manic Macho Leg's Wave is able to snipe peons coming out of the base.

Snipers are units whose primary role is to kill backline enemies. They may use piercing attacks which can reach backlines protected by shorter ranged enemies. Or, they may simply stand further back than any enemy attack can reach, safely chipping away at the backline. Applies to many Long Distance and Surge Attack units. Examples include:

Headmaster Cat Jobs's Weaken & Surge can shut down almost any non-Metal stages, like a true Crowd-Controller.

Wavers are units with the Wave or Mini-Wave ability. Most are also Snipers, but there are a few exceptions. The wave ability needs to be a major aspect of the unit's use for it to qualify as a Waver, so units with a low wave chance like Manic Jamiera Cat are not considered Wavers. Examples include:

Catasaurus won't do much other than hurting Metals with Critical Hits.

Crowd-Controllers are units that are mainly used to inflict Status Effects (Slow, Freeze, Weaken, Knockback, Curse) Examples include:

Critters are units with a reliable Critical ability; examples include:

Miscellaneous Role Classifications

Eraser Cat, a textbook example of a Meatshield, with low cost, low cooldown, and very high health.

Meatshields are units with a very low cost and minimal cooldown, even more preferably with the Survive ability and/or high health. Examples include:

Combo Slaves are units that would either be useless if not for their combos or do have a role but are mostly only used in combos. Examples include:

User Rank Dumps are completely useless cats aside from levelling them for User Rank. They are often discontinued collaboration cats. Examples include: