NOTE: Classifications should only be applicable beyond the Moon of Revival of Bahamut-Cat

Classification is an unofficial method that assigns Cat Units to a Class to define their typical role in the game.

Ultima Galaxy Cosmo is undoubtedly a Ranger, and since his Freeze on Floating & Angels is about as impressive as his long attack range, he is also a Crowd-Controller.

Classification is highly dependent on interpreting units' stats, as relatively stronger traits will be preferred in order to obtain a fair judgement.

Some Cat Units fit comfortably into 2 classes. An example of this will be Ultima Galaxy Cosmo, with the "Ranger" and "Crowd-Controller" classes.

Different forms may also change a unit's class entirely. For example, Baby Gao is a spammable unit with well-balanced, if not remarkable stats which suits for the "Fighter" class; While Mighty Lord Gao is much more expensive with long attack range, requiring a reclassification.

Approved Classes


Eraser Cat, a textbook example of a Meatshield.

Units used to halt enemies' progress.

For a list of Meatshields, see here.


Chill Cat can shred Aliens with his high DPS.

Units with formidable stats that lean towards offense.

For a list of Fighters, see here.


Once strengthened, Shishilan Pasalan can effectively delete any enemy.

Units used to destroy even the toughest enemies in quick succession.

For a list of Nukers, see here.


Manic Lion Cat's high movement speed makes him a Rusher.

Units that dash towards the frontline with reckless abandon.

For a list of Rushers, see here.


King Dragon Cat can outrange many enemies, but has mediocre DPS.

Units attacking at a distance safe from enemies' reach.

For a list of Rangers, see here.


Units that specialise in attacking enemies beyond their Detection Area.

Crimson Mina can hit enemies that outrange her, but has a blindspot to work with.

For a list of Snipers, see here.


Divine Kai has extremely high health and attack power, and can even tank hits from non-Floating rather well.

Units with powerful stats that focus on defense.

For a list of Tankers, see here.


Headmaster Cat Jobs's Weaken & Surge can shutdown almost any non-Metal stages, like a true Crowd-Controller.

Units that shine at inflicting negative status effects on enemies.

For a list of Crowd-Controllers, see here.

Critter (Critical Hitter)

Units whose main appeal is performing Critical Hits.

Catasaurus won't do much other than hurting Metals with Critical Hits.

For a list of Critters, see here.

Classification Guide

Does the unit have VERY low cost & short cooldown?
YES: It's a Meatshield

NO: Proceed to #2

Which attribute stands out the most for the unit?
Power: Proceed to #3

Speed: It's a Rusher

Abilities: It's a Crowd-Controller

OTHER: Proceed to #4

  • If necessary, pick up to 2 attributes and assign the unit 2 classes.

Which aspect of it is focused on by the unit?
Offensive [AP]: It's a Nuker

Balanced [HP/DPS]: It's a Fighter

Defensive [HP÷KB]: It's a Tanker

Does the unit have long attack range?
YES: Proceed to #5

NO: Proceed to #6

Can the unit hit over its Detection Area? If yes, is it better than the attack range?
YES & YES: It's a Sniper

(YES & NO)/NO: It's a Ranger

Can the unit hit over its Detection Area? If yes, is it viable in any way?
YES & YES: It's a Sniper

(YES & NO)/NO: Proceed to #7

Can the unit perform Critical Hits?
YES: It's a Critter

NO: Return to #1 and evaluate the unit more carefully

Other Classes

Classes below won't be used to classify Units for varying reasons, they are listed to acknowledge their existence.


Units that clear groups of pawns blocking tougher enemies.


Units who tend to fit in other classes, but can also act as Meatshields.

Combo Slave

Units whose only benefit in a battle are their Cat Combos.

User Rank Dump

Units whose existence serve only to boost your User Rank.

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