Note: Classifications should only be viable from Moon in Empire of Cats: Chapter 3 and beyond.

Classification is an unofficial designation given to all Cat Units that defines their typical role as a unit.


Megaphrodite has the range to be a Ranger. But, she also deals massive damage to Aliens, which is as impressive as her long attack range. Thus, she is also a Nuker.

Classification is highly dependent on interpreting the stats of a unit, as certain stats will be relatively strong and preferred, in order to obtain a classification judgement.

For example, Catburger is a unit with low recharge time and deployment cost. These are already enough to define it with the Meatshield classification, while the other stats of Catburger are less relevant.

Some Units will be better than others within the same classification, like Eraser Cat is a unit possessing relatively high health when compared to other units given the Meatshield classification. The purpose of a meatshield is to stall enemies by constantly replenishing attrition at the frontline. The fact that Eraser Cat can do this and is also tougher than most other meatshields makes it one of the better choices for this role.

In addition, some Cat Units fit comfortably into two classifications. An example of this is Megaphrodite, who fits into the classification of Nuker and Ranger.

Different forms may also entirely change the classification of a Cat Unit. For example Baby Gao (Normal Form), has well balanced if not remarkable stats which fulfil the role of an Attacker. Yet Mighty Lord Gao has a relatively long range and high damage which requires a completely different classification.

Classification Categories


Units used to halt enemies' progress, usually have very low cost, relatively low attack power and short recharge time.

Mohawk cat

Mohawk Cat has low recharge time and cost, which makes it a Meatshield.


Units with formidable offensive power, usually have relatively short range and recharge time.

Chill cat

Chill Cat has rather short range, but his high DPS against Aliens compensates for that.

Ranger (Backliner)

Units attacking from the backline, usually have relatively low DPS.
King dragon cat

King Dragon Cat can outrange melee enemies and some ranged enemies, but has underwhelming DPS with Single-Target.


Units dashing toward the frontline with reckless abandon, usually have high speed with no idle animation.


Units that can absorb tons of damage without backing down, tend to dish out high DPS.

Divine Kai

Divine Kai has an immense amount of health, and can even tank hits from non-Floating decently well. She also has very high DPS, like other Tankers in similar calibers.


Units used to destroy even the toughest enemies in a single blow, usually have relatively low health and specialized on certain enemy traits.


Units that excel both offensively and defensively, comfortably combining a number of classifications.


Units that shine on their ability to inflict negative status effects on enemies, usually have poor offensive power.

Critter (Critical Hitter)

Units that can perform Critical Hits, usually have relatively worse overall stats.

Other Categories

These categories will not be applied as classification for varying reasons, listed solely to acknowledge their existence.


Units used to damage enemies in the backline, usually have Long-Range attacks.


Units who tend to fit in other categories, but can also act as a Meatshield.

Combo Slave

Units whose only purpose in a battle are their Cat Combos.

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