Collapse Checker (倒れてないか見る仕事) is the second stage in Drunken Foundry.


  • 1 Metal Doges spawn at 0 seconds0f.
  • 2 Metal Doges spawn at 13.33 seconds400f, with a delay of 0.66 seconds20f.
  • 3 Metal Doges spawn at 26.66 seconds800f, with a delay of 0.66 seconds20f.
  • 4 Metal Doges spawn at 40 seconds1200f, with a delay of 0.66 seconds20f.
  • 5 Metal Doges spawn at 53.33 seconds1600f, with a delay of 0.66 seconds20f.
  • Infinite Metal Doges spawn at 80 seconds2400f, with a delay of 12~16 seconds360f~480f.
  • Infinite Metal Doges spawn at 120 seconds3600f, with a delay of 21.33~28 seconds640f~840f.
  • On base hit 2 Mr. Puffingtons and 1 Metal Doge will spawn with:
    • Infinite Metal Doges, with a delay of 10~13.33 seconds300f~400f.
    • 6 Metal Doges, with a delay of 2~3.33 seconds60f~100f.
    • 7 Metal Doges, with a delay of 8~10 seconds240f~300f.


Strategy 1 (Uberless)


Anv cocec lineup.jpg

Slime Cat and Modern Cat should have high level (level 50 used, 40 is likely enough). If you wish to use Ubers, replace Cameraman before other units; good choices are Balalan Pasalan, Ganesha and Chaos Moon, to name a few.

Anv cocec battle.jpg

Battle: Start by using Modern Cat to stall while you upgrade the worker, then summon Cat-Typhoon and head for the Enemy Base. From now on, spam everything in row 2 for an easy victory. Most damage on the Puffingtons will be done by Jellycat hitting the Metal Doges, while Catornado is obviously for the metals (lower levels reduce the risk of hitting the Puffingtons too hard, so only level 30 is actually better) and Cameraman is for everything; it can crit if talented, it can land a hit on the Puffingtons or act as temporary meatshield in certain cases. Eventually, the Puffingtons will die after pushing a small amount, granting you an easy win.


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