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'''Space Cyclone''' (スペースサイクロン Supēsusaikuron) is an enemy that only appears in a special event called "Despair Different Dimension" (絶望異次元) in the Stories of Legend. {{Template:Enemy Info
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|name = Space Cyclone (Alien)
|image = [[file:Screenshot 2015-07-13-14-12-02-1-.png|thumb|center|300px|JP description]]
|appearance = Attack on Cosmos (Hard++)}}
The most challenging cyclone; has longer range than any of them and has 2 dangerous abilities: it is able to weaken your cats's power by 10% and doubles its attack damage at 450,000 HP (30%). It is highly recommended to have all anti-alien cats and medium ranged anti-floating cats to take this cyclone down.
===Japanese Version===
{| border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="article-table" style="width: 500px;"
! scope="col"|Encyclopedia entry.
! scope="col"|translation
|The maelstrom of the universe. Weakens anything that approaches close enough. As it is weakened, it becomes stronger. Maybe attacking from a distance can help you win?
|Enemy = Space Cyclone (Alien)
|Health = 1,499,999 HP
|Attack Power = 9,999 damage 19,998 damage at 450,000 HP
|Attack Range = 240 (area attack)
|Time between attacks = 0
|Movement Speed = 4
|Knockback = 3 times
|Occurrence = 1f
|Ability = Decreases attack power of all Cat Units by 10% for 300f (10%)<br>Attack power increases by 200% at 30% health
|Element = Floating, Alien}}
*Cyclone Stage-6: Advance of the Black Hole (Hard++)
[[File:進撃のブラックホール 超激ムズ 絶望異次元 ダークヒーローズ にゃんこ大戦争 攻略動画 battle cats|thumb|left|335 px|Space Cyclone Stage, using Dark Heroes. Played by Game]]
*This is the first [[:category:Alien Enemies|Alien Enemy]] appears in Stories of Legend.
*This Cyclone has the longest attack range and the highest health of all cyclones.
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