This article is about the Cat Unit. For the enemy unit, see Crazed Titan Cat (Enemy Unit) or Manic Jamiera Cat (Enemy Unit).

Crazed Titan Cat is a Super Rare Cat unlocked by completing the event stage The Crazed Titan appearing on the 27th of every month. True Form increases health and chance to release a Lv. 10 Shockwave.

Cat Unit # 99
Super Rare Cat

Crazed titan cat

Crazed mythical titan cat

Manic Jamiera Cat


Evolves into Crazed M. Titan Cat at level 10.

Evolves into Manic Jamiera Cat when obtained from Resident Feline (Deadly) and is level 20 or above.


  • High attack power and stamina.
  • Each attack has a 10% chance (15% in True Form) to create a level 10 Shockwave.
  • Slightly faster movement speed compared to normal Titan Cat.
  • Overall stats are better than Jameira Cat.
  • Has area attack.


  • Short-ranged attacks.
  • Expensive to deploy.
  • Long attack animation.


  • You can use it as a second Titan Cat, to tank hits against long-range or shockwave enemies such as Daboo of the Dead and Berserkory.
  • Its main disadvantage is its longer attack animation, but it does have no time between attacks.
  • It has much higher initial stats than Titan Cat. which requires at least level 20+62 before Jamiera Cat becomes stronger than a Level 40 Manic Jamiera Cat.
  • Its shockwave chance over the knockback on Jamiera makes it a better pick than the original Cat as it can prevent your other cats from being knocked back into range of another threatening enemy or interrupting other's attacks. That said, a 10-15% shockwave chance is really low, and normal Jamiera is overall more reliable.
  • Use his shockwave to clean annoying peons and deal some damage to BOSS


Switch EN/JP

Cat Unit # 99

Super Rare Cat
Crazed Titan Cat
Uni099 f00
EN Description
Blessed with extreme attack power and ridiculous amounts of health. (Area Attack) Crazed Version grants Wave Attacks.
Crazed M. Titan Cat
Uni099 c002
EN Description
Blessed with extreme attack power. Extreme attack power and health. Crazed Version grants Wave Attacks.
Manic Jamiera Cat
Uni099 s00
EN Description
Once manic, none can withstand his godlike defense or offense, or outrun his godspeed. His wave attacks occur more frequently too!

Cat Unit # 99

Super Rare Cat
狂乱の巨神ネコ (Kyōran no kyoshin neko)
Uni099 f00
JP Script

最高級のキャラ(範囲攻撃) ごくたまに超遠距離の波動を放つ

EN Translation
This He Cat has the strongest attack power and stamina. Sometimes performs a very long shockwave (Attacks Area)
狂乱のネコダラボッチ (Kyōran no neko darabocchi)
Uni099 c002
JP Script

破壊をつかさどるネコ神様(範囲攻撃) ごくたまに超遠距離の波動を放つ

EN Translation
This cat the chaos and god of destruction. Sometimes performs a very long shockwave (Attacks Area)
大狂乱のネコジャラミ (Dai kyōran no nekojarami)
Uni099 s00
JP Script

破壊をつかさどる巨大ネコの暴走(範囲攻撃) 大狂乱となることで体力と波動の発生確率アップ

EN Translation
Was endowed with transcendental destructive power and strong endurance. Lord of Destruction Titan Cat that rampages (Ranged Attack) Becoming insane increased physical ability and probability of wave generation


  • Chapter 1: $1300
  • Chapter 2: $1950
  • Chapter 3: $2600

Upgrading Cost

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
0x 0 101800 103800 106800 109800 112800 116800 120800 125800 131800 1030200
1x 199600 203600 207600 213600 219600 225600 233600 241600 251600 263600 2260000
2x 299400 305400 311400 320400 329400 338400 350400 362400 377400 395400 3390000
3x 349300 356300 363300 373800 384300 394800 408800 422800 440300 461300 3955000
4x {{{40}}} {{{41}}} {{{42}}} {{{43}}} {{{44}}} {{{45}}} {{{46}}} {{{47}}} {{{48}}} {{{49}}} {{{SUM50}}}
Total XP Cost 10635200
*shows the XP required at the level indicated to attain next level
*example : Level 19 (Row 1x, Column 9), shows a 263600 XP cost to advance to level 20
*where applicable levels 30-49 also require catseyes, 30-44 = +1 catseye, 45-49 = +2 catseye


Basic Form Crazed Titan Cat
Ch. Cost 1. 1300 Initial Attack Frequency Attack Range Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharge Time
2. 1950 HP AP
3. 2600 3600 1184 81F 2.70s 150 11 1 47F 1.56s 31.33 - 22.53
Level HP AP DPS Target Special Ability
1 3600 1184 438 Area 10% chance to perform a Lv.10 Shockwave attack.
40 61200 20128 7454
Evolved Form Crazed M. Titan Cat
Ch. Cost 1. 1300 Initial Attack Frequency Attack Range Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharge Time
2. 1950 HP AP
3. 2600 3600 1184 81F 2.70s 150 11 1 47F 1.56s 31.33 - 22.53
Level HP AP DPS Target Special Ability
10 25200 8288 3069 Area 10% chance to perform a Lv.10 Shockwave attack.
40 61200 20128 7454
True Form Manic Jamiera Cat
Ch. Cost 1. 1300 Initial Attack Frequency Attack Range Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharge Time
2. 1950 HP AP
3. 2600 4400 1184 81F 2.70s 150 11 1 47F 1.56s 31.33 - 22.53
Level HP AP DPS Target Special Ability
30 63800 17168 6358 Area 15% chance to perform a Lv.10 Shockwave attack.
40 74800 20128 7454
*HP = Hit Points = Health ; AP = Attack Power = Damage ; DPS = Damage per Second ; 30F = 1.00 sec
*Includes treasure bonuses; all times are in seconds; recharge time may vary.
*See this section to calculate stats.

Initial Stats:

Health Attack Power
Crazed Titan Cat 3600 HP 1184 damage
Crazed M. Titan Cat 3600 HP 1184 damage
Manic Jamiera Cat 4400 HP 1184 damage

Hypermax Stats:

Health Attack Power
Crazed Titan Cat 61200 HP 20127 damage
Crazed M. Titan Cat 61200 HP 20127 damage
Manic Jamiera Cat 74800 HP 20127 damage


  • Normal Form: A Titan Cat that wears a loincloth and has the same outlined eyes and disfigured mouth as the other Crazed Cats. Has a black tattoo that stretches across his shoulder and chest and the arms are shadows.
  • Evolved Form: Still wears the loincloth. Loses the tattoo, but the shadow around the head spreads to his chest and sprouts from the shoulders. Shadows along the arms become more rune-like. Also has bigger arms.
  • True Form: Jamiera Cat is on a rampage! Loses the loincloth, exposing his midsection for all to see. Gains a white t-shirt with frayed sleeves and a black, crazed pattern heart on it, with a smaller heart near the left of his chest. Regains the disfigured cat face.



  • Even though Manic Jamiera Cat's description says that he has godspeed, he doesn't move any faster than his previous forms.
    • He also doesn't get an increase in attack despite the claims of the TF description. Then again, the godspeed and godlike stats may just be in reference to the stats in general.
  • The little "explosion" that it creates at the end of its attack animation is bigger in True Form.
  • The description of the second form contains a typo, repeating his extreme attack power twice.


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