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Crimson Apex is the eighth stage in Island of Hidden Treasure.


  • Infinite Ginger Snaches spawn after 3.33 seconds100f, delay 13.33~16.67 seconds400f~500f.
  • 6 St. Pigge the 2nds spawn after 13.33 seconds400f, delay 40~46.67 seconds1,200f~1,400f.
  • When the base reaches 99% HP:


Strategy 1[]

Lineup: Maximum the Fighter, Elemental Duelist Cat, Can Can Cat, Manic Island Cat, iCat, Octopus Cat, Roe Cat, Awakened Ururun

Cannon: Thunderbolt

Notes: Ururun Cat is also okay, but is not preferred. Elemental Duelist Cat, Can Can Cat, and Manic Island Cat can be replaced with 3-4 other cheap-ish attackers of your choice. Any leftover slots can be used for combos.

Battle: Once you begin the level, lure the first Ginger Snache to your base. Upgrade your Worker Cat once and use iCat and a couple of meatshields. Continue to spawn some meatshields (don't spam) and iCats until your Worker Cat reaches MAX and your wallet is full. After this, you can become more aggressive by spawning some cheap attackers and attack the base. If you find you have a lot of iCats freezing the enemies, you can spawn the rest of your army, spamming them if you have a lot of money to go around. The rest of it should be fairly easy.