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Berserker Cat unleashing a critical attack.

The Critical Hit (sometimes referred to as Critical Attack) is a special ability possessed by certain Cats and Enemies. If a Cat has this ability, they have a random chance (Cheerleader Cat, Sunny Neneko, E. Kubilan Pasalan, and Crazed Moneko are special cases) to unleash a powerful attack, dealing extra damage to enemies.

This powerful attack deals double the damage of a regular attack. For example, when a cat whose regular attack normally does 400 damage successfully performs a critical hit, the cat does 800 damage, and ignores Metal ability . This makes it particularly effective against Metal Enemies, since they take only 1 damage from attacks. Critical Hits allow you to deal massive damage to these enemies. All enemies are affected by critical hits in an area if the cat possesses an area attack

However, enemies such as R. Ost or Capy also possess the ability to do critical hits, making them extra dangerous and Metal Cat virtually useless against them

When a cat or enemy lands a Critical Hit, a star effect appears and a sound effect is played.